Double “11” mad burning more than 10 million cars after the market O2O miracle can continue

just past “double eleven” is the feast of the e-commerce platform, it is reported that the car home maintenance platform “mobile car bar” rdquo; one night Burned over ten million. Under the background of the O2O boom and the capital winter, “mobile car” is why it is so local? Since 2014, the O2O platform in the automotive aftermarket has mushroomed. The automotive aftermarket was valued at more than 800 billion in 2014, and today it is even more rumored by experts as a trillion-dollar giant market. Such a mass naturally becomes a battleground for the military’s military. “Mobile car bar”, by the parent company & mdash; — An Nike’s power, relying on the door of 150 kinds of imported car maintenance product line and the car aftermarket deep ploughing more than ten years of experience, that is, the national agent channel and hundreds of grounds The store —— An Nike & ldquo; car bar & rdquo;, also stood up to enter this bloody blue sea. They want to take advantage of years of experience in the traditional industry, millions of fans and a rich product line, borrowing the tide of the Internet + to provide customers with shop and on-site service (ie O2O), combined with the most close to the consumer marketing model F2C (Manufacturers are directly available to consumers). According to industry insiders, Angex only doubled “11” during the period, and invested more than 10 million in CCTV and more than 40 planes and online media to promote the three-dimensional advertising, achieving double “11” More than 30,000 O2O on-site service orders for major e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Jingdong. Such crazy behavior is a feat in today’s industry where money is tight and there is no money to burn. “Mobile car bar”, I want to take advantage of the traditional industrial resources, combined with the Internet + model in the investment market chilly today to carry out a gorgeous counterattack. In stark contrast, many of the automotive aftermarkets of the past Internet “the giants” are no longer the glory of the past. There was a time when the door-to-door car wash industry was booming. Entrepreneurs hoped that the high-frequency service of car wash would introduce customers into the field of car maintenance, car beauty and even used car trading. Now it seems that this idea is too ideal, the cost of customer subsidy is too high and not The clear profit model has gradually proved that the door-to-door car wash industry has been proved to be a pseudo-demand. For example, the well-known enterprises in the industry such as e-car wash have stopped the door-to-door service in October. It can be seen that the development prospects of the O2O industry, such as door-to-door car wash, are not optimistic. The car door-to-door maintenance company, which is committed to subverting the traditional 4S shop industry, initially expanded rapidly under the leadership of capital, such as Boao car, Carradine, Mocha i car, e maintenance, these pure Internet companies, follow the example of “Drips” The business model of “Quick Drop” is attempting to quickly occupy the market through financing in the form of high subsidies; however, unlike other O2O on-site services, the field of door-to-door maintenance is highly specialized, and it is difficult to get rid of vehicles and personnel. Assets, relying on simple oil change, air filter, relying on the “one yuan” service, so developing customer spending habits is tantamount to getting caught. “Mobile car bar”, claiming that they use free expert service and routine maintenance as the entry point, standardize and deepen maintenance as a profit point, put the customer experience first, and provide customers with professional and cheap advantages based on the advantages of independent products. Fast and convenient service. Today, investors are holding a wait-and-see attitude towards the O2O industry. “Let’s be able to complete the mission of the automotive aftermarket from the traditional industry to the Internet+.” We will wait and see.

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