Yangbao won the “China Automotive Internet + Innovation Grand Prix” Top 100

[Automobile World Maintenance] November 18, 2015 news, from the domestic influential self-media “China car dealers” hosted, China trade promotion The Automotive Industry Branch of the Commission supported the “China Automotive Internet + Innovation Awards and Top 100 Releases”; the event ended successfully in Guangzhou, and the car was awarded “China Automotive Internet + Innovation Awards Top 100 Innovative Enterprises”, which is the domestic automotive aftermarket. The only company in the O2O integrated service platform that has won this award. At the time of the 13th Guangzhou International Auto Show, “China Automotive Internet + Innovation Awards and the Top 100 Awards were held in the industry, and the national automotive industry and the automotive Internet industry elites gathered together. The summit is dedicated to creating an annual event for industry chain docking services such as “Automotive Industry + Internet + Innovation and Investment and Financing”, and commends companies that have made outstanding contributions in their respective fields, car service, car e-commerce, second-hand Benchmarking companies in vertical areas such as cars and car purchases have participated in the selection of top 100 companies. The summit released the “China Automotive Internet + Innovation Awards Top 100” report, and the innovation enterprise selection unveiled the final veil. Rafabao ranks among the top 100 innovative enterprises and becomes the only comprehensive O2O car maintenance service platform among the top 100. At the same time, Li Peng, CEO of Yangbao, was invited to participate in the “Pain and Solution” and mdash; — Recycling theme forum, sharing the innovations of car treasure products in the field of car service for more than a year, and discussing with the industry elites the business opportunities and trends of the car “Internet +” era. As the earliest O2O car-raising product to enter the market in China, it is also the leading product of the O2O industry in China’s automotive aftermarket. The car treasure will continue to present a wonderful chapter for the industry transformation of the automotive aftermarket. As a comprehensive car maintenance service platform, Yangbao has been officially launched in January 2014. At present, it has more than 3.8 million registered active car owners and 133 city services. It has a high brand influence in the industry. To the name. Li Peng, CEO of Yangpeng Bao, said that most of the O2O car maintenance platforms rely on burning money to subsidize users and businesses. It is also the mode of burning money in this industry, let us know that the demand for the entire automotive aftermarket is large enough. of. The other products that Yangbao has done in burning money are still relatively few. More is to establish a deep cooperation relationship between the platform and the merchants, improve the standardization process of the whole service, truly solve the needs of users and achieve a win-win model. In the future, Yangbao will connect more and more high-quality businesses, serve more and more car owners, let car owners get high-quality, assured car maintenance services, and create a smart person • car • life new experience. As a highly influential and authoritative selection of the Chinese automotive industry, this selection invited industry heavyweight experts to form a jury. After several months of research and selection, 100 companies were successfully selected. Different from many annual corporate selections, this selection reflects its distinctive “innovation perspective” and opens up a window to understand the future trends of the industry and tap its potential. For the automotive-related industry, this is an era of new and old alternation, subversion and integration. This year’s “China Automotive Internet + Innovation Awards and Top 100 Releases” activities through the forums and awards, review and summarize the innovation cases of Chinese automotive companies, while providing a comprehensive and multi-angle thinking on future automotive Internet innovation, will benefit Explore the direction of product operation for the future of the automotive market.

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