China’s genuine auto parts quality Wanli line into Shanghai, Zhuge authentic reorganization industry ecology

                                                   On December 4th, the activities of China’s genuine auto parts quality Wanlixing Shanghai Station started. Nearly Jiuqi people gathered at the party, becoming the witness of the ecological improvement of China’s auto service market. It is reported that the event was sponsored by the China Quality Miles Promotion Association and co-organized by Zhuge Xiu Auto. Since its launch in Beijing on August 16, the quality of China’s genuine auto parts has been left in the auto parts circle of many cities across the country. The activity is to let “luxury auto parts” take root in Shanghai. During the meeting, Gao Bohai, secretary general of the China Quality Miles Promotion Association, said: “China’s genuine auto parts quality is a milestone. It is a solution to the existing problems in the post-market under the premise of conducting a large number of basic research on the Chinese auto service market. Program. With the assistance of Zhuge repair network, it is the fundamental purpose of this activity to promote the branding process of the industry by popularizing the concept of authenticity in the industry, to help practitioners improve their living environment and help car owners improve the service ecology. Fan Zefang, Secretary General of Shanghai Auto Parts Industry Association, said: Shanghai is a major city in China’s auto parts industry. It has outstanding advantages in terms of scale, technology and talents. After the activities of the quality of Wuhu Station, Shanghai and even the whole country The auto service market practitioners have witnessed the tremendous changes in the local industry ecology of Wuhu. With the excitement, the regions are looking forward to the local activities of China’s genuine auto parts quality. Now, Quality Miles introduces genuine auto parts into Shanghai and Zhuge authentic bases to let genuine sales through the network, which is to bring fair and transparent competition mechanism to all Shanghai auto parts, so that our own auto parts brands can compete on the same platform. Let car owners see the auto parts brands made in China can bring you quality protection and services. Subsequently, Wuhu passed the performance of the excellent auto parts company audited by the Wanlixing research team, and the China Quality Miles Promotion Association awarded the enterprises on the spot “China Quality Miles Genuine Auto Parts Reputation Tracking Unit”. It is reported that the batch of award-winning enterprises have settled in the Zhuge authentic base and realized the online sales of auto parts. Together, they said that they should start from themselves and contribute to the construction of a new ecosystem in China’s auto service market. Finally, Yu Haiyan, CEO of Zhuge, was invited to speak. The quality of China’s genuine auto parts is a huge ecological change movement in China’s auto service market. This campaign will bring substantial positive impact to most practitioners and car owners. In terms of practitioners, the phenomenon of no genuine, no brand, no service, no trust, no status in the past will be improved to a large extent; for the owner, the problem of buying accessories is not assured, and the price is not reconciled. No longer exists. “Ecology is the ecology of every auto parts person and every car owner. Everyone should get the benefits and respect they deserve in this ecology. Everyone should see fair competition and quality service in this ecology. And the reputation of the day. & rdquo; Yu Haiyan said. In the process of ecological improvement in China’s auto service market, practitioners are the protagonists. The China Quality Miles Promotion Association provides the industry with a channel to authenticization and branding, while Zhuge repair network provides a platform and fair and transparent. The competition mechanism, with the further deepening of the activities, more and more practitioners will benefit from this, and the Chinese automotive service market will also be increasingly standardized, and present an ecosystem of practitioners and car owners.

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