Cars also need to be SPA Care C3-XR starts from winter maintenance

                     With the arrival of the autumn and winter seasons, the temperature has dropped drastically, it is time to do your spa for your car! So how do you take care of your car in a comprehensive and correct manner? Next, let’s take a look at some of the little tricks experts have given us! First, the maintenance from the “face” car begins to look like another face of the owner, especially the C3-XR has such a high value: the design inherits the ARTECH design concept, the C-shaped wing brings a unique aesthetic, inlaid design The luggage rack and the body curve complement each other, and the overall body line is smooth and simple yet stylish. Therefore, it is worthy of attention for the maintenance of C3-XR vehicle paint in autumn. Autumn dew is heavy and there is more rain. If the surface of the car has obvious scratches, it should be painted in time to avoid corrosion due to moisture. The car has just passed through the hot summer days. The car paint surface is eroded by high temperature and direct sunlight. The lacquer surface is dull and the smoothness is affected. In addition, the summer and autumn seasons are replaced. The temperature difference and dew are even more Aggravate the damage of the paint surface of the car. Therefore, it is best for the owner to use this time to do a thorough car paint maintenance. Second, “oil, water, electricity” is the focus of the C3-XR 1.6THP engine is a highlight that can not be ignored, but also the car owners are the most concerned about the maintenance. In terms of oil, the manufacturer provides two models of oil, which are 0W-30 semi-synthetic motor oil worth 268 yuan /4L and 5W-30 full synthetic motor oil worth 480 yuan /4L, which can lubricate, clean, cool and seal the engine. , grinding, rust, corrosion and other effects. As the temperature gradually decreases, the viscosity of the oil will become larger, which will increase the engine resistance, which may cause difficulty in starting the car. Therefore, before the cold current, you should pay attention to whether the engine oil selected by your car is universal for the 4th season. If it is not, it should be replaced with the oil that is more suitable for winter use. Many car owners know the oil replacement cycle, and even know that the brake oil needs to be replaced every two years, but it is easy to ignore the replacement of antifreeze coolant. Usually, the antifreeze is replaced every two years, and the car journey is 40,000 in 2 years. When anti-freezing liquid is needed at 60,000 km, the old antifreeze of the refrigeration system should be completely drained and the cooling system must be thoroughly cleaned before new antifreeze can be added. It is obviously the first step to start a car, and no matter what car you want to start from the battery, it is obviously not possible. Therefore, the maintenance of the battery before winter becomes extraordinarily important. The normal battery life is 2-3 years. The method of repairing the battery is to first check whether the large-line connector of the battery is loose or corroded. If it has been loosened and tightened with a spanner wrench, it is not necessary to corrode the alkali, and it will be washed with hot water; for the owner of the wet battery. Also check the liquid level of the battery electrolyte. If the liquid level is lower than the mark, add the special water for the electrolyte. Third, C3-XR maintenance cycle and cost C3-XR three-pack validity period is 2 years or 50,000 kilometers (whichever comes first), the vehicle warranty period is 3 years or 100,000 kilometers (first to be reached) The quality warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase of the invoice and ends on the last day of the quality warranty period. The first maintenance of the C3-XR is carried out at 7,500 km or 6 months (limited to the first one). The first warranty is free, the oil and oil filter are replaced, and the corresponding accessories are inspected. It should be noted that the manufacturer requires that the new car must be serviced for the first time within the specified period. The official maintenance period of C3-XR is 7500 km or 6 months. Air filter, steam filter, air conditioning filter, brake oil and spark plug are replaced every 30,000 km. The manual transmission model needs 60,000 km to replace the transmission oil. Automatic transmission models change gearbox oil every 90,000 kilometers or 6 years in harsh environments. As far as the data of the car home is concerned, in terms of maintenance costs, the small maintenance cost of the Citroen C3-XR 1.6T model is 677 yuan, the total maintenance cost of driving 60,000 kilometers is 7941 yuan, and the small maintenance cost of 1.6L model is 667 yuan. The total maintenance cost of the 60,000 km automatic transmission model is 7031 yuan, while the total maintenance cost of the manual transmission model 60,000 km is 7443 yuan. As a small SUV model, this price is quite reasonable. Combine the small suggestions provided by the above experts, and quickly give you a high-value C3-XR, be a full-body spa, let this winter come warmer!

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