Super cold wave hits the car air conditioning use maintenance 诀窍

                                                   Last weekend, cold air continued to wreak havoc. The temperature in many places in the country reached a new low in recent decades. Indoor heating equipment such as heating, air conditioning and electric blankets appeared on the scene. ” I said the minus 3 degrees is the indoor temperature & rdquo; “I want to go to the north to avoid the cold” and so on. Going out of the car and entering the car, a good air conditioner can feel the warmth in just a few minutes, which is an indispensable driving partner for the owner. Proper use of air conditioners not only creates a healthy and comfortable interior environment for the owner, but also extends the life of the air conditioner. Here are some tips for using and maintaining air conditioners for your friends’ reference. Diligent ventilation and ventilation to create a small environment inside the car. In winter, many car owners keep the car windows warm and keep the air conditioner warm for a long time. Although this can ensure that the temperature inside the car is suitable, it is free from cold, but it is also very likely to cause air pollution inside the car. This is because many cars use materials such as asphalt damping pads that are prone to volatile harmful gases. When the compartment is closed for a long time, the concentration of harmful substances will increase, causing human discomfort. The most direct and ideal way to avoid air pollution inside the car is to select healthy and safe body materials, such as the use of environmentally friendly damping pads instead of asphalt damping pads to effectively reduce the amount of harmful substances in the air. The new DS 5 is the first to use the liquid damper plate robot spraying technology. The robot uses non-toxic and odorless PVC material and food grade material butyl rubber to spray, effectively avoiding the residue of benzene and xylene, and greatly improving the air quality inside the car. . In addition, the new DS 5 uses the world’s leading MASCI manufacturing material information system, through the use of environmentally friendly water-based paint, leather using chrome-free tanning process, etc., even if the window is closed, there will be no smell in the car, thus providing drivers and passengers even more Comfortable and healthy breathing environment. At the same time, even when the air conditioner is turned on, the window can be properly opened and ventilated to ensure a benign air circulation inside and outside the vehicle. However, opening the window will inevitably affect the temperature inside the car. With the improvement of people’s health awareness and the advancement of technology, air purification equipment has been installed in many cars, which can intelligently detect the air quality outside the car and promote a reasonable air circulation inside and outside the car. For example, the AQS air quality control system equipped with the new DS 5 will automatically open the intake valve when the air quality of the vehicle is detected to be good, so that the outside air will enter the vehicle; otherwise, the intake valve will be closed. Take the person to keep a piece of pure land. At the same time, the ion generator inside the car will release the same negative ions as the natural world, decompose harmful substances and further purify the air inside the car. Avoid frequent switching of air conditioners and prolong service life At home, often every room is equipped with air conditioning, and family members can adjust the air conditioning temperature in their rooms according to their own temperature requirements. However, in the cabin, if the occupants have different requirements for temperature, it is inevitable that it is difficult to adjust. If the temperature is adjusted by frequently switching the air conditioner, it is easy to cause damage to the air conditioner compressor. In fact, it is not difficult to solve such problems. The dual-zone intelligent air conditioner equipped in the new DS 5 enables the passengers in the two districts to choose their own air-conditioning temperature according to their preferences. With a single push, passengers can enjoy their own comfortable space without affecting others. Compared with traditional air conditioners, the two-zone smart air conditioner takes care of the ride of every user on the car, especially in the case of elderly people, children and pregnant women. This advanced air-conditioning technology can play a more important role. Demonstrate the charm of humanity. It should be noted that although the winter is cold and the air conditioner makes people feel warm, it is impossible to sleep in the air conditioner in the car, because if the gasoline in the cylinder is not completely burned, a high concentration of carbon monoxide will be generated. When the car is running at an idle speed, these carbon monoxide will enter the car through the air-conditioning equipment, which will cause discomfort and endanger people’s lives. Since the demand for air conditioners is relatively small in the fall, after entering the winter where air conditioners are frequently used, it is recommended that the owner clean the air conditioners in a comprehensive manner and replace the air conditioner cartridges in time. If you have the conditions, it is best for the owners to go to the 4S shop to do a comprehensive inspection of the car’s air conditioning system, starting from the details, to ensure the health of themselves and their families. The name of the DS DS comes from a car made in 1955, which is creative, rigorous and bold. As a symbol of innovation, professionalism, fashion and technology, DS expresses a new way of thinking about the future of the car, inspired by historical heritage, inherited the creativity and noble genes. Original design, exquisite craftsmanship, human technology, high-end quality and classic heritage are the unique DNA of the DS brand. Dare to be bold, the pursuit of excellence and pioneering and enterprising is the irreplaceable core value of DS. In 1955 DS made its debut at the Paris Motor Show. The unique shape and advanced technology capture the entire automotive industry and the public almost overnight. After the car started, 743 orders were received within 15 minutes. On the first day of the auto show, DS’s orders reached 12,000. At the time, most reporters completely focused on the DS. In addition to talking about how DS dramatically combines technology and design to create new possibilities for true reunion of rides and handling, they are less interested in other events. The biggest highlight of the DS19 is the high-pressure Hydro pneumatic suspension system. The biggest attraction of this system is the elimination of the springs used in conventional suspension systems. On each wheel of the DS there is a hemispherical metal container filled with high pressure gas, which is connected to a cylinder filled with high pressure oil. The rise and fall of the chassis is controlled by the flow of high-pressure oil, and the change in vehicle load can maintain the same height. The Jaguar, which was then used in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, used the system, and the British Rolls-Royce had purchased the technology to improve the comfort and stability of its ultra-luxury models. In 1962, there was a legendary history of General de Gaulle and DS. In a assassination of Petit Clamart, DS saved the life of President Charles de Gaulle. After the attack, although the body was covered with bullets, the two tires had burst, but DS continued to move forward with its precise suspension system, and finally safely delivered President Charles de Gaulle to the destination. Changan Peugeot Citroen Automobile Co., Ltd., referred to as Changan PSA (English abbreviation: CAPSA), was jointly established by China Changan Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and France Peugeot Citroen Automobile Co., Ltd. The joint venture company will introduce DS brand full luxury models for the first time. A new choice for luxury models that bring personality, innovation and elegance to consumers. At present, DS has three domestic models:  DS5 DS 5 is the flagship model of the DS brand, and the first domestic model was officially launched on September 27, 2013. On September 4th, 2015, “The new generation of avant-garde luxury crossover car” was launched at the Chengdu Motor Show. The “DS wing” was launched, and the front face of the three models of the DS brand was completed. Great unification, and highlights the avant-garde spirit of the DS brand from Paris. The new DS 5 is priced at 21.99-34.59 million yuan. It is equipped with 1.6T and 1.8T two-displacement engines, and the power output is upgraded.  DS 6 On September 27th, 2014, the DS6, a luxury SUV featuring exquisiteness, wildness and elegance, was launched at Shuiguan Great Wall. At the Chengdu Auto Show on September 4, 2015, the 2016 DS 6 was officially launched, priced at 19.39-30.19 million yuan. The original 1.6THP200 engine was upgraded to 1.8T engine, the maximum power was 150KW, the maximum torque was 280NM, and the power output was smoother and more stable. The mainstream 2.0T engine on the market is comparable.  DS 5LS On March 28th, 2014, the DS brand’s first 5D full-sensing A-class luxury sedan DS 5LS was launched. On July 6, 2015, the 2015 DS 5LS was upgraded and listed, with a price of 14.98-24.68 million. The configuration is fully upgraded, and the 1.6T+6AT power system is standard on the whole system, marking the entry of the entire line of products into the T era. At the same time of green energy conservation and environmental protection, the pace of consumer upgrades is led by a more powerful power configuration. For more details, please pay attention to DS official Weibo and WeChat public number & mdash; — & ldquo; DS spirit & rdquo; or visit the official website

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