Car Superman – a new car wash maintenance experience

in the blink of an eye between the Spring Festival of the Year of the Monkey is coming, the crowding of the Spring Festival has made more and more car owners choose to drive home. It was a must for everyone to do some maintenance and cleaning work for the car before the year. However, near the end of the year, many stores have problems with price confusion. Then, how to choose a storefront, affordable and assured maintenance of the car, has become a difficult problem before everyone celebrates the Spring Festival. Recently, Xiao Bian learned about a car after-sales service called “Superman” and went to experience it personally, giving the majority of riders the practical experience of this new car maintenance method. The page design is simple and intuitive. Auto Superman is developed by the wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Jingu Co., Ltd. —— Tweed Network Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., is committed to creating the best and most comprehensive car maintenance one-stop for the majority of car owners. platform. Xiaobian first searched the car Superman through the application market, and easily completed the download and installation. The boot interface gives people a strong new spring atmosphere. Enter the main page. After the permission, the APP automatically locates the city. The interface provides a simple and intuitive display of rich product and service functions. Convenient operation and thoughtful service Xiaobian this time experience the fine washing service, wash away the dirt and dust of the car, let the car clean and tidy home for the New Year. Compared with general washing, fine washing is always higher, what about the price of “Superman”? Xiao Bian found that the price of the Super Wash and the General Wash is very reasonable and clear, and there is no other hidden consumption (the latter use of the field has once again confirmed the non-hidden consumption). And you can also get various coupons by participating in activities organized by its official website, WeChat, Weibo, and directly reduce the cost of placing orders. After positioning, “Car Superman” recommended to Xiaobian that this is the nearby Yanji Road, “Ford car repair and maintenance” store. After you click on it, you can see the ratings of this store and the reviews of previous users. Of course, you can also freely choose the area and store you want to visit. It is reported that “Superman” has nearly 25,000 stores in more than 300 cities across the country. Through the APP’s own positioning, you can navigate directly, and the reporter easily reached the location of the store. Although the location of the reporter today is relatively remote, the store is still very neat and formal. Since this time, I also shoulder the mission of sharing the experience experience, so I aimed at the details of the car wash service, so that everyone can judge the service level more comprehensively. Entering the store, the staff are uniformed, friendly and skilled to verify the orders placed by the reporter. Standardized process service, in addition to the whole car foam washing, the fineness of the lamp and the body is also carefully cleaned in place. The hub gaps that are rarely noticed are also carefully wiped and the tires are waxed. In addition to the appearance of cleaning, the interior cleaning has also made the reporter feel more careful than ever before. The carpet, watch, ashtray and seat are all carefully cleaned, one does not fall. The entire finishing process was carried out by three staff members, saving a lot of time on the basis of quality assurance. The project is comprehensive and complete. In addition to the car wash service, the owner can also get a series of services such as waxing, tire changing and maintenance through “Superman”. Perfect pre-sales, after-sales and logistics system, allowing owners to easily and quickly complete orders, appointments, visits and feedback. It is understood that the staff of “Car Superman” will often return visits to various stores, collect feedback from the stores and also provide answers and training for the store’s professional knowledge. Finally, Xiao Bian wants to say that this experience is quite satisfactory, “System Super Management” has systematically managed the price and quality issues that everyone cares about. It is recommended that you can download and experience it yourself.

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