How to check your car after the return of the Spring Festival? (on)

                                                    [Car World] Maintenance This year’s Spring Festival holiday has just ended. I believe many of my friends have returned to normal jobs and started a new year. This year’s Spring Festival is no exception. There are still many people who choose to go home for the New Year by car. In addition to the free passage of the National Expressway small passenger car during the Spring Festival, self-driving Chinese New Year has become the first choice of many friends, and some people choose to This holiday is a self-driving tour. Returning by long-distance driving, your car will accompany you for hundreds or even thousands of kilometers. After returning, you will need proper inspection and maintenance to continue to serve us in a better state in the future. In fact, in the small holiday of the Spring Festival, presumably your car is not a long-distance trekking hundreds or even thousands of kilometers is parked in the garage, in order to keep your car in the best state, the key moments do not fall off the chain, below we Just say how to check your car after the Spring Festival returns. Checking the tires It is very important to check the tires before running long distances. The inspection of the tires mainly focuses on the inspection of the degree of tread wear, the tread check, and the tire pressure inspection. If the tire is worn excessively, running long distances is very dangerous. Checking the chassis During the long-distance journey, it is inevitable to go through some complicated roads, so it is necessary to check the chassis. For example, when the vehicle passes through some non-paved roads, the chassis may be damaged due to the bottoming; it may also cause the chassis to become dirty due to wading or muddy roads; and when passing some sand and gravel roads, Some of the salt contained in the sand will also erode the chassis. Cleaning and repairing the relevant parts of the chassis will ensure the durability of the chassis in the future. In addition, the screws on the chassis part should be tightened. Although the body paint surface does not affect the safety of the vehicle, it is believed that the owner will not ignore the project. When the vehicle is driving at high speed, hard particles such as dust in the air (especially It is a small stone that is not harmful.) It will wear on the surface of the car body or the chassis, and it will cause wear on the paint surface. In addition, after a long time of high-speed driving, the body will stick to the body of many insects, which is also corrosive to the paint. . Therefore, it is recommended that you first clean the body and chassis in a professional car wash room. After cleaning, check the paint surface, glass and chassis for scratches or bumps. Depending on the situation, it is necessary to carry out waxing and other paint maintenance. Check the whole vehicle oil and water Check the engine oil and water tank level. If it is an automatic transmission model, it is also necessary to check if the transmission oil is missing. If it is excessively consumed, it should be replenished in time. Need to pay attention to whether the engine belt is loose.

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