How to check your car after the return of the Spring Festival? (Bottom)

Traveling can be very cool, but the car’s self-test can’t be perfunctory, otherwise it will not be so smooth again next time, “Let’s go and go.” Today, let’s take a look at how the car should be self-tested after a long journey to eliminate hidden dangers.

Power System:

Check engine oil and tank level. If it is an automatic transmission model, it is also necessary to check if the transmission oil is missing. If it is excessively consumed, it should be replenished in time. Need to pay attention to whether the engine belt is loose.

Oil: The oil viscosity drops or deteriorates and needs to be replaced early

After the vehicle has been driving at high speed for a long time, the oil consumption should be checked in time. If the oil is already below the lowest scale marked by the dipstick, the same brand and the same type of engine oil should be added in time.

If the oil level is too low, it should be replenished in time.

If the viscosity of the oil drops or the impurities in the oil are more, replace it immediately. Don’t forget to replace the oil filter together.

Gasoline, oil circuit: replacement steam filter

Running long distance, the driver is relatively unfamiliar with the situation along the way or destination, sometimes it is inevitable to add some gasoline with poor quality, should be returned after returning Replace the fuel filter in time. If the engine has abnormal jitter, loud noise, increased fuel consumption or accelerated power failure, the gasoline oil circuit of the car should be cleaned as soon as possible, and the spark plug combustion condition should be checked. If there is any abnormality, it should be replaced in time.

Air filter, air filter: air filter is dirty, it is best to replace it directly

The air filter can be reused, but it should be replaced if it is too dirty. The road conditions encountered during long-distance driving are complicated, especially for vehicles that have been driving on the dirt road for a long time. The air filter and air conditioner filter and the evaporation box will have a lot of dust and sand, and the engine will be blocked. Intake passage. The parts should be carefully cleaned after returning. If the air conditioner filter and air filter are too dirty, they should be replaced directly.

Steering System: Steering Tie Rod Ball Head

The steering system is related to the driving safety of the vehicle and is therefore a key part of vehicle maintenance. The oil quality and oil quantity of the steering system should be carefully examined. The owner can compare whether there is a significant change before and after the vehicle holiday. If the steering wheel is shaken and there is oil stain on the parking position of the vehicle, the steering system has been damaged. In addition, the violent vibration of the vehicle will also damage the steering system, and the steering ball should be observed for looseness.


The suspension system should also be taken care of. If the car is driving on a muddy road for a long time, or crushing the hard objects on the road at high speed, the suspension of the vehicle The system will be strongly impacted. After the journey, you should carefully check whether there are oil leakage or distortion in the suspension and reduction of the morning part. If the problem should be repaired or replaced in time.

Brake system: Check the brake disc surface for damage

Brake pad is too thin, the braking force will be obviously weakened, and it must be replaced immediately; when driving in rural dirt road, such as brake disc and brake pad There is a hard material such as sand and stone, which will cause a large loss to the brake system when braking. Should check whether the surface of the brake disc is smooth, whether the brake disc is within the allowable thickness range and whether the brake fluid level is lower than the lower limit, or when the brake is applied, the abnormal sound of “吱吱” is displayed. The brake pads are also time to check and replace.


Firstly, the tires should be measured for air pressure to maintain the same tire pressure for four wheels. If there is a tire tire pressure is abnormally low, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the tires are pierced. If you have any problems, fix them in time. If the wound is too large or the wound appears on the sidewall, you can only replace the brand new tire.

Tire inspection, in addition to tire pressure leakage, etc., the stones in the grain should be removed in time; the cause of the tire dynamic balance failure may be the hub deformation, tire wear imbalance, or may be in strong bumps The balance piece clamped on the hub is shaken off, so it is necessary to rebalance each tire as appropriate.

If the sidewall damage or bulging is caused by the road, etc., you need to change the tire directly. In addition, the tread depth and wear uniformity should be checked, and the stones in the pattern should be removed. Wait for foreign matter. If the pattern of a certain tire is abnormally worn, it may be caused by long-distance high-speed driving or bumpy road surface, causing problems in the tire balance and four-wheel alignment. It should be adjusted in time. If the pattern depth is already below the wear limit, it should be replaced in time.

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