Precautions for routine maintenance and maintenance inside and outside the RV

            [Car World] Maintenance Although the RV is relatively rare in China, the fact that the RV has been on the earth for hundreds of years and the European and American RV travel vacations can’t be denied. With the admiration and love of outdoor free life, the rise of domestic self-driving tour and camping tourism, the comfortable and interesting life that RV can provide is gradually recognized and accepted by the domestic. However, after all, the RV is still new in China. For how to maintain the RV, many people still have no clear concept. Let us briefly introduce you to everyone. In order to meet the different individual needs of people, the size and shape of the RV are different. The daily maintenance required for the self-propelled RV is basically the same as that of the car and the truck. The drive system of the RV is basically the same as the truck. Many RVs use the same engine, gearbox, axle and so on. How to change the oil, air filter, tires, check the oil quantity, tire pressure, etc. are basically the same. The maintenance of the towed RV focuses on the towing connection, the connection of the signal light device, and the maintenance of the body and interior facilities. In particular, it is necessary to check whether the indicator lights, brakes, etc. are working properly before driving. Headlights, taillights, brake lights, and other line indicators are usually tailored to the chassis, but most use 12 volts, so just know what chassis your car is, how the car is structured, and how much it is. It is very easy. The body of the RV needs to be regularly inspected and maintained. The roof of a motorhome is usually made of metal cladding and various vinyl materials. It is easily damaged by wind and rain, and may be exposed to the sun, wind, and rain for a long time. The metal plates of the roof and the body are usually fixed by glue and metal screws, and the screws are distributed on all edges, air outlets, air conditioners or other parts. If exposed to direct sunlight, the vinyl casing will eventually crack and the moisture will penetrate around the screw, causing potential wood rot. If you don’t have a shelter for the RV, it is very important to brush the roof and body with liquid vinyl from time to time. Routine maintenance and maintenance knowledge inside and outside the RV At this point, it is necessary to note that the rubber around the sealing window is easily damaged, and moisture can easily penetrate into the wall. Thick plywood walls are used on many RVs, and plywood is also highly susceptible to moisture. The use of advanced reset seal silicones throughout the area generally prevents these leaks from occurring. Learn how to remove the bonnet of the air conditioner on the roof. Remove the metal sheet to protect the metal cooling wing. Use water pipes and sprayers to remove accumulated dirt and leaves. When cleaning these parts, make sure that the parts are not connected to the power supply, otherwise the personal safety of the cleaner will be jeopardized. These jobs need to be done during the hot season each year before you need to use the air conditioner. If you live in the South most of the time, it is best to do it twice a year. In order to ensure the normal and effective operation of the air conditioner in the car, the air conditioner filter is often cleaned. Air conditioning filters with excessive dust and stains will reduce the cooling capacity and efficiency of air conditioners. The filter is located in the RV below the wind panel on the air conditioning unit. Most RV air conditioning filters must be carefully and thoroughly rinsed in warm water. They need to be air dried in the air before they are put back. If the filter is torn or dirty, the RV air conditioner filter should be replaced. Check and clean the filter at least once a month. After the filter of most RV air conditioning units is removed, the evaporator coil inside can be seen. Illuminate by hand, check the coils for any dirt or debris, and if so, use a very flexible vacuum cleaner accessory to carefully remove dust and dirt. If you are willing to climb the roof of the car, you should also clean the external condenser coil on the air conditioner. This requires removing the shield from the air conditioner, usually with a few screws to pin it. After removing the shield, you can use compressed air to blow debris that may get caught in the condenser coil. Remember to blow the air from the inside out (which is why you remove the shield). This should be done at least once a year. The standard for indoor lighting may be 220 volts, 12 volts, or both. There may also be generators in the car to prepare for camping out without a power supply. The RV can rely on the generator’s 12 volts to ensure that the car is illuminated without an external power source. The battery in the car is supplemented by an engine or an external power source.

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