High temperature day, police, car hidden three major risk factors

[Automobile world maintenance] high temperature weather, people are tormenting the car. In detail, high temperature and puncture are the factors that directly threaten our safety, and we also need to be wary. So how do we deal with these threats? First, the car must be exposed to ventilation after the sun exposure. The temperature of the cabin after exposure is very high, even if it is a strong man, it is difficult to stay in this environment for a long time. Look at the poisonous environment of the cabin after the exposure. The results show that it is very poisonous … … In addition to the high temperature in the compartment after exposure, there is a formaldehyde-led “toxic gas regiment”. In the face of these harmful substances, the first thing we need to do is to open and ventilate the doors and windows of the car. Second, the tires need to pay attention to avoid the puncture. We have already done experiments before, and we have come to the conclusion that there is no need to reduce the standard value of tire pressure due to high temperature in summer. Even so, we still need to pay attention to the condition of the tires. After all, it is not a good thing to change the tires in the hot sun. More importantly, the hot weather is more likely to induce punctures, especially for those tires with hidden dangers. 1. Develop the habit of checking the tire pressure from time to time. It is only necessary to take some time to complete the tire pressure. First, visually check whether the four wheels have a deficient phenomenon, and then use the tire pressure gauge to confirm the specific tire pressure value. When we find that the tire is deficient, we can inflate the tire ourselves. It should be noted that if we inflate the tire too much, it will cause the tire tread to bulge. In the long run, the middle area of ​​the tire will be excessively worn. Therefore, when inflating the tire, we should refer to the vehicle standard manual or the tire standard pressure information on the door frame. On the contrary, if the owner is lazy, knowing that the tire is not deflated, and if the tire is running out of gas for a long time, the tire will be excessively worn near the inner and outer shoulders. 2, check the tire for flaws Drum kits, cracks, excessive wear and so on are all hidden dangers of the tires, these hidden dangers can be observed with the naked eye. Early detection of these hidden dangers can reduce the risk of puncture. Third, the items placed in the car should be careful. Many car owners use the car as a storage warehouse, and everything is stuffed into the car. At normal temperature, we have nothing to put in the car, but in the recent high temperature, it is another matter.

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