Car problems These items do not need to be done in 4S shop

[Automobile World] What is wrong with the car? I believe most people will choose to go back to the 4s store for maintenance, although they know that the price of the 4s shop will be relatively high. But mainly the accessories are authentic, and there will be a very complete maintenance record, so that the vehicle’s preservation rate is higher, in fact, some projects are not necessary to do in the 4s shop. 1. Wiper wiper wiper is a wearing part, no matter how expensive you buy it, you have to change it once a year, and the replacement is simple. You can change it yourself if you buy a dozen pieces on a certain treasure. It is necessary to go to the 4S shop for a change. 2. Brake oil Manufacturers recommend 2 or 40,000 km replacement, but you can extend the time according to the brakes. Go to the ordinary auto repair shop for DOT4 brake oil. 3. Brake pad There is no fixed replacement cycle for the brake pad. According to the driver’s condition, you can determine whether to replace it according to the thickness of the brake pad. 4. Air filter Filters the impurities and dust in the air to ensure that the pure air enters the cylinder. It is usually replaced once a year, and the replacement is simple. It is recommended that you try it yourself. 5. The air conditioner filter is equivalent to the mask we usually use to filter the dust and particles in the air to ensure good air quality inside the car. It is recommended to change it once a year or feel the smell is replaced, the operation is simple, you can Replace it yourself. 6. Spark plugs The important components in the ignition system are not as expensive as possible. It can be replaced according to the model recommended by the manufacturer. 7. Battery The current battery is basically maintenance-free. The service life is generally 2 to 3 years. The main reason is to look at the owner’s use and maintenance. If the garage is replaced by an outside repair shop, the old battery can be recycled. 8. Light bulbs Many vehicles now have halogen lamps, so the frequency of bad will be faster than that of xenon/LED. Some big brands of lamps are even better than the original ones. 9. Tires Tires, as the only parts that come into contact with the ground, play an important role in driving safety. It is not necessary to follow the choice of the original tire when changing, as long as it is the same size and size.

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