The three most overlooked parts are the most thoughtful to maintain

                                                 We often meet some friends, the appearance of the vehicle seems to be quite high, and what is the fashion: the Xenon headlights, the rear wing, the wheel hub, the film spray paint make people feel that this car can definitely kill people. A traffic light. But when I opened the door, I saw a contrasting feeling. For the appearance of the vehicle, the head is the road, but the inside of the car is like a grass. In fact, the interior of the vehicle should also be more maintenance. After all, driving is to stay in the compartment instead of rudder on the hood. Today, Xiaobian introduces some of the most overlooked places for car maintenance. There are doorways for brake maintenance. When it comes to the appearance of the vehicle, the maintenance of the brakes must also be noted. I remembered when my friend got married before going down the mountain (yes, his home is on the mountain, there is no eighteen bends and there is a sixteen-bend). After the brakes in the hot sun, the smoke broke out, and the fearful people got off the bus. The inspection of the brake system focuses on the amount of brake fluid and confirms whether it reaches the baseline of the storage tank. When the brake fluid is greatly reduced from the previous inspection, there is a high possibility of failure. The leakage of the brake line also needs to be closely watched. The hand truck is equipped with a clutch. This also requires attention to the amount of liquid. If the liquid volume is reduced and the air enters, it cannot be braked. It is necessary to pay attention to the brake fluid. If the liquid volume is insufficient, the air will enter and the brake will become insensitive. In addition, check the clutch, try to pedal, check the intermittent point, contact failure or accurate deviation requires repair. Dashboard cleaning needs to be meticulous The important part of the interior of the car is the instrument panel that each driver will directly face. The cleanliness of the car will directly affect the passenger’s visual perception of the overall effect of the car’s internal environment. Due to the complicated structure, various switch instruments and the like are difficult to clean, so they are often ignored by many people. Carpet cleaning depends on the skill. In addition to the seat, the most frequent contact with the car is the carpet, and the carpet is the most dirty part of the car. If the vacuum cleaner with the brush head is used for vacuuming, it can make it dirty. The carpet looks less dirty. For more dirty carpets, only special detergents can be used. It should be noted that the carpet should not be completely immersed in the water for cleaning. On the one hand, it will damage the bonding of different materials inside the carpet. On the other hand, the carpet will not dry out for a long time and affect the use effect, causing the interior to be wet.

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