It may be a bomb! In the summer car items need to pay attention to

                                                 When winter comes to spring, the weather is getting warmer and hotter. We have all experienced a big summer drill into a car that is warmer than the outside, and instantly feels like a sauna. Then everyone thought that the car was so hot, the decorations on the center console, and the lighter that was thrown by the hand was exposed to the sun? Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about what can’t be put in the summer car. First, the dangerous items after exposure 1. Lighters Many smokers like to put a lighter in the car or forget to be in the car. The strength of a one or two yuan plastic case lighter is really not good. The temperature inside the car after sun exposure is 10-20 degrees higher than that outside the car. The inferior lighter is easy to explode in such an environment. Explosive lighter shell fragments can be splashed everywhere, and the explosion may overwhelm the interior and cause the vehicle to ignite spontaneously. Still use the cigarette lighter in the car is more reliable. As for the Zippo that burns kerosene, it is better not to put it in the car. The kerosene burned by this lighter is more flammable, and it does not burn like an inflated lighter when it burns, but burns continuously, which makes it easier to ignite the interior. 2, charging treasure, battery cell phone battery, charging treasure and other items explosion news we must have heard, such items are marked in the manual can not be used in high temperature places, the car inside the exposure temperature is very high, it is easy to cause these Explosion of the item. What’s more, there are many unqualified products in the domestic charging treasure market. These products use fake or refurbished batteries, which are more likely to cause explosions. Second, the items that endanger the health after exposure 1. Plastic bottled water, beverages Plastic bottled water is half left in the car, forget to take it out when you get off, can you drink it after a long time of exposure to bottled water? Although the authoritative organization confirmed that the quality of the bottled water will not precipitate harmful substances from the plastic bottle after exposure, but in the face of domestic food safety issues, the author still said hehe. In addition, high temperature is more suitable for the growth of bacteria and other substances in the bottle. Therefore, I recommend not to drink the bottled water after exposure. 2, food Do not store food in the car for a long time, food is easy to deteriorate in high temperature environment, easy to get sick after eating, I recommend not to put food, snacks and the like in the car, it is best to take off when getting off. Many people like to put some sugar in the car, such as low blood sugar, but these emergency foods are still convenient. 3, perfume In order to clean the air inside the car, many car owners have placed car perfume in the car. However, perfume is a chemical product that volatilizes in a high temperature environment, and it is not known that the gas emitted does not contain toxic components. For the health of everyone, don’t put perfume, or choose a solid perfume that is not volatilized, or it’s true. “Perfume is poisonous”. 4, plastic dolls Many car owners like to put some plastic dolls on the center console or can ward off evil things, want to be personalized, I do not know these plastic objects are made of PVC material, will produce toxic substances under high temperature conditions, Damage to the health of passengers. 5, myopia, flower mirror Many car owners have myopia or need to wear a flower mirror, glasses are used up on the center console, exposed by the sun, through the concentrating effect of the glasses, it is likely to burn the interior. 6, mobile phones, navigators Many car owners like to put a non-slip mat on the center console, and then put the mobile wallet and so on. Let’s not say that this rubber anti-slip mat will emit toxic substances after exposure to the sun. When the mobile phone is exposed to sunlight, it will shorten its service life and is more likely to cause direct failure. The lithium battery in the phone may also explode due to heat. In addition, the valuables such as mobile wallets have been forgotten, and they are placed in the obvious place of the center console. It is easy to attract thieves. Third, the child’s pets should not be left alone in the car. 1. Don’t leave the child’s pet in the car. Although this is a bit of a problem, I still feel the need to say it. No matter when and how long, the owner cannot leave the child or pet alone in the car. Especially when it is hot, the owner will leave the car for a short time. If the child is hot, he will not turn off the car and turn on the air conditioner. I thought that such a child would be safe. Actually not, it is just that the child is very dangerous. If the car is turned off due to a malfunction, the child may be at risk of suffocation. Even if the car does not turn off, the air conditioner just happens to circulate outside, and it may cause carbon monoxide poisoning to children for a long time. So don’t leave your child alone in the car at any time. Fourth, summer parking recommendations 1, the preferred underground garage or shaded place Summer parking location is the key, if conditions permit, of course, you have to stop the underground garage. Underground garages generally have an exhaust system and will not receive exposure, so the car will not be too hot, it is a paradise for summer parking. If the basement has no location, you have to find a cool place, such as under the shade of the trees or in the shadow of the building. Of course, it is a legal parking space. If you stop in the shade of the trees, there may be leaves or bird droppings on the roof of the car. It needs to be cleaned in time. It takes a long time to corrode the paint. 2, reflective visor In the summer, many owners will install a reflective visor on the window, which can reflect the sunlight outside the car. And they are all dedicated to the car, a set of only tens of dollars. The disadvantage is that it is convenient to install tires during installation, and it is only used for a long time to park. Summary: In summer, the owners must pay attention to the items in the car. Although some things can be convenient for our lives, they may become time bombs under certain circumstances, which will not only cause loss of our property, but also harm. Our lives are safe.

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