After the car is exposed, do not need to open the air-conditioned car to drop 8 °C instantly!

[Automobile World Maintenance] Say the car that has been in the sun for a day in the hot sun. When you open the door and get on the bus, what is the same as the sentence? Now there is a good way to cool down quickly! Not open the door to breathe! It is not the right to turn on the air conditioner to cool down! Not even driving at high speed with a window! Summer is coming, after the car is exposed, enter the car, really don’t open the air conditioner right away! ! With this method, you can instantly drop the car by 8 degrees! Now there is a good way to cool down quickly! 1. One-way convection method: only open the driver’s window, and repeatedly switch the driver’s door 5 times. Just slide down the door glass and then switch the left front door 5 times at a constant speed to cool down about 10 degrees. If you switch more times, you can drop more. Recommended index: ★★★★★ Is it amazing? The method comes from a professor of Japanese studies in aerodynamics. The principle is to use the door to fan the outside cold air into the car, replace the hot air inside the car, and achieve the purpose of cooling. You don’t need to turn on the air conditioner, you don’t need to drive the window to drive, the final thing is that the Xiaobian pro test is effective! And one can do it, no need to help others, simple and quick. However, the temperature inside the car must be higher than the outside of the car, and the greater the temperature difference between the inside and the outside, the more obvious the cooling effect. 2. Multi-directional convection method: At the same time, the four doors are opened to the maximum extent, the cab door is switched at a constant speed, and the driver’s door is repeatedly operated five times. Recommended index: ★★★☆ Method 2 is an upgraded version of Method 1, so the principle is the same. Through scientific calculations, when the three doors are closed, the driver’s cab door is opened and closed. In about 8 seconds, only about 20% of the hot air in the car can be driven away, and the other three doors are opened, and the cab door is opened and closed. The cold air enters the car and can replace 80% of the hot air in the car in 8 seconds. This method of cooling is indeed better than the first one. However, there are certain limitations in domestic use. First, ensure that all four doors have enough space to open. Secondly, it is necessary to strictly pay attention to the surrounding security when using it. It is best not to perform this method alone. 3, air conditioning + window opening method: turn on the air conditioner, adjust to the maximum gear (4 gear), open the outer loop. Open all windows and skylights at the same time. Close all windows and skylights in about 1 minute, change the outer loop to inner loop, and reduce the air conditioning air volume to half. Recommended index: ★ ☆ This is the recommended soil method on the Internet. Open the window, skylight and open the air conditioning outer circulation, so that the car can be kept ventilated, and the hot and cold air inside and outside the car is replaced to reduce the temperature inside the car. Then close the window to open the inner loop, it is through air conditioning refrigeration to achieve further cooling purposes. In addition to the need to open the air conditioner to consume fuel, there is a common problem that just after turning on the air conditioner, some hot air will be discharged. These hot air may contain air that is not good for health. It is better to blow the air conditioner directly or directly. Air conditioning is good, this method is not much different from taking off your pants. 4, spray cooling method: close all windows, only open the door on the side of the driver’s seat, and then spray a 45 yuan cooling agent against the four seats in the car, continuous spraying for 10 seconds. Recommended index: ☆ The main component of the vehicle cooling spray is dry ice. Dry ice is easily sublimated into carbon dioxide in the air, and it needs to absorb a large amount of heat, which can quickly reduce the ambient temperature. The cooling time lasts for a short time, the cooling rate is small, and the effect is not obvious. It is worth noting that many sprays are mixed with fragrances, which can cause discomfort in a closed car and also have an impact on health, especially respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or allergies. People with physical physique should pay special attention to it. In addition, the spray is placed in an environment above 50 ° C for a long time (it is easy to exceed this temperature in a vehicle after summer exposure), and it is easy to cause an explosion hazard, and it is not very cost-effective to use. 5, sunroof negative pressure method: close the door and window, only open the sunroof, driving at a low speed of 20km /h. Recommended index: ★ This method originates from the Internet. The principle is: the car sunroof uses negative pressure to change the air. When the car is driving, the airflow rapidly flows on the roof to form the negative pressure inside the car, and the air inside the car is taken out to replenish fresh air. The cooling effect is not good, that is, there is one more reason to open the sunroof. It is better to open the air conditioner. Long-term exposure of the vehicle will cause the wiper and the quality of the paint to change, and the leather of the seat inside the car and the operation table will accelerate aging. Therefore, try to park your car in an indoor parking lot or in a cool outdoor place to avoid direct sunlight.

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