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safety configuration is the most important consideration when purchasing a car, even better than the car’s design and handling. Then the small series will tell you which are the necessary security configurations for the car. 1. Traction control system. The role is to give the car the best traction in all driving situations. 2. Overall monitoring system for tire pressure (TPMS). The role is to let the driver develop good driving habits, and pay attention to the tire’s air pressure, so as to ensure that the fuel consumption, the grip and the service life can be reduced within the most reasonable tire pressure range. 3, reversing radar, that is, “reversing anti-collision radar”. It is equipped with a probe, controller and display (or buzzer). It can inform the driver of the obstacles around by the sound or video display. It is used for safety assistance when parking and reversing. 4, electronic body stability control system (ESP, VSA, VDC, DSC, VSC, ESC), its role is to reduce the possibility of the car out of control in the emergency avoidance, this configuration is mandatory in Europe and the United States requires vehicles to be equipped. 5. Electronic Brake Force Distribution System (EBD). The function is to automatically adjust the braking force distribution ratio of the front and rear axles of the vehicle, so as to improve the braking stability and improve the braking efficiency with the ABS. 6. Emergency Brake Assist (EBA). This configuration monitors the movement of the brake pedal in real time. If the speed of the brake pedal is increased during driving and the driver continues to step on the brake pedal, it will apply the maximum braking force to pin. 7, automatic anti-glare rearview mirror. The interesting part of this configuration is that when the headlights of the rear car are shot on the rearview mirror, the photodiode between them will judge the color of the rearview mirror, so that the strong light from behind will be reflected into the driver’s eye. The light will soften and play a big role in safe driving. 8, electric heating mirrors. When the driver turns on the heating defrosting, the mirror can be heated by the heating wire to remove water droplets on the surface of the lens. 9, car child safety seat CRS (ChildRestraintSystem). When the car suddenly decelerates or collides, this seat can slow down the impact on children and limit the child’s body movement, which can reduce the damage to them and ensure the safety of children. 10. Car bumpers. It is located at the front and rear of the body to absorb and mitigate external impact.

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