Safe driving Summer driving to do these things

In the hot summer, driving safety is a problem that every car owner needs to pay close attention to. The reporter compiled some knowledge of safe driving in the summer and hoped to give help to the owner. Don’t leave your child alone in the car. Research shows that in an environment with an outside temperature of 30 °C, the temperature inside the cabin will rise to 40 °C in just a few minutes, and it will reach 50 °C in less than half an hour. Therefore, you must not leave your child alone in the car when you get off, even if it is only for a short time. Dangerous goods in the car Some car owners like to put some perfume, fresheners and other bottles and cans in the car, remind everyone that in the summer, these habits must not. Perfumes, cans, air fresheners, etc. are all flammable and explosive materials. In the case of high temperature exposure, the probability of such items exploding is very high. In addition, the smoker owner can not leave the lighter in the car, the probability of the lighter explosion in the summer car is very high, in case the flame generated by the explosion encounters the above-mentioned flammable and explosive materials will quickly catch fire, and even cause the vehicle to spontaneously ignite. Use sunglasses and cool pads with caution. Some owners like to wear sunglasses to drive in the summer. Although wearing sunglasses can block the glare of light, some sunglasses have a strong ability to block light. It is very dangerous when looking down or looking away. Cool pad is a standard for many car owners in the summer, but some car owners only put the cool pad on the seat for convenience. This is very dangerous. In the case of emergency braking, the driver will follow the inertia of the cooling pad. Slip, extremely dangerous. Air conditioning in summer, the method is very important In summer, improper use of air conditioners will also cause damage to owners and cars. In particular, some car owners like to sleep in the car with air conditioners in the summer, but they ignore the huge hidden dangers of this behavior. The experimental data shows that in a closed compartment, an air-conditioned car will produce a large amount of carbon monoxide. In just 20 minutes, the concentration of carbon monoxide will exceed the standard and there will be obvious suffocation, which may even endanger life. In addition, the majority of car owners should be reminded that in the summer, due to the high temperature inside the car, do not open the air conditioner at the first time when opening the door. The correct method is to first ventilate, dissipate some of the hot air inside the car, and then turn on the air conditioner. Improve the service life of air conditioners. Refueling in summer, the best is suitable. Driving in summer can’t wait for the oil meter to be added when empty. If the fuel tank is too empty, the air resistance in the fuel tank will increase, which will make the vehicle easy to extinguish. But it should not be too full. If the fuel tank is too full, it will cause gasoline smell to overflow and may damage the canister system. Therefore, it is best to drive the gasoline in the fuel tank at around 60% in summer.

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