The college entrance examination composition is all routines? The master said that the car is still not careful enough!

                                                   The 2016 college entrance examination is finally over. During the examination, in addition to those high school students who are studying hard at day and night, there are still such a group of people who are not idle for a moment, fighting in the front line of the college entrance examination with various sections. This is not the case. The footsteps of the essays have just been released, and the hind legs have been played. (Photos from the Internet) However, the players and netizens played on Weibo, and the candidates in the test room were not so relaxed and happy. Recalling the language class in the past, the teacher always repeatedly emphasized that the language needs to be carefully examined, otherwise it is likely to lose points because of low intentions. Of course, besides being a student, I believe that every person who has experienced the baptism of the college entrance examination is more or less ruined because of the various routines in the test. I believe that all the masters will be thousands of their disciples before the exam. Wan Hao, we must seriously examine the questions! But how to examine the specifics? Is there any skill? The master looks at the car and tells everyone a “single secret” & mdash;— in fact, this test is the same as checking the car, pay attention to it! If the meaning of the examination is to break the information source of the problem, then the significance of checking the car is to find out the real condition of a used car, do not believe you to feel it. When we get the essay question, the first thing to do is to read the content of the topic completely and judge the direction of writing. If you can’t even understand this point, you will basically say goodbye to the high score. Similarly, when the masters who watch the car face a vehicle to be inspected, they also need to understand the general condition of the vehicle. By observing the overall appearance of the vehicle body and the paint surface, it is judged whether it has serious repair marks. In-depth testing. After determining the genre of the essay, the next thing to do is to analyze the questions verbatim and find the real test sites. Then, in order to detect the real condition of a car, our masters need to carry out 368 detailed inspection procedures. Does the hood thickness exceed national standards? Has the paint been reworked? How old is the interior? Is there any abnormal noise during the road test and is the steering offset? This requires the master to use a professional instrument for measurement and in-depth review. For example, in the engine test, the master starts with the engine oil, because the oil will change the working environment and life of the engine. The master will check the position of the oil. If it is too low, the car may be burnt or lack of maintenance. It is also necessary to combine the exhaust gas for more detailed judgment. If it is too high, it may be abnormal. Furthermore, if the oil color is black, it is normal; if the viscosity of the oil becomes thin, it means that the oil needs to be replaced. In addition, the belt and hose of the engine are also important indicators to measure the condition of the car, the old belt is easy to break or slip. However, if the hose is pinched, there is a feeling of hardening or brittleness in the case of flameout, which also affects the normal driving of the vehicle. After completing this complete inspection process, the master will compile a comprehensive assessment report to help consumers determine whether the car is worth buying. As a professional pre-purchase inspection platform, the master watches the car. In addition to the principle of not selling cars, not recommending, or not purchasing, each of the car inspection masters has rich industry experience and can accurately judge the vehicles inspected. Real car conditions. Just like the candidates who have been in the window for several years on the battlefield, the master will carefully check from the beginning to the end when testing every car the customer gives. This meticulous and rigorous attitude is not only responsible for the consumers, but also responsible for their professionalism, and is responsible for the master’s car brand.

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