The long flow of water is the real C4 Sega maintenance cost analysis

                     C4 Sega is a new model launched by Dongfeng Citroen in November 2015. It is positioned between Elysee and C4L and offers 1.6L CVVT+5MT/6AT, 1.2THP+6AT and 1.6THP+6AT for consumption. Make a choice. After the C4 Sega replaced the 6AT gearbox and the new engine, the overall driving quality was greatly improved. In addition, its price is 10.78-16.48 million, and dealers have certain discounts, the price is very high, and the overall quality is quite good. But for family cars, the cost of maintenance in the later period is also very important. You don’t want to buy a car and can’t afford it. And C4 Sega maintenance is expensive? The following is for you to reveal: First look at the official maintenance schedule of C4 Sega. C4 Sega’s official maintenance cycle can be seen, thanks to mature and reliable engine technology, C4 Sega only need to maintain every 7500 km or 6 months, the maintenance mileage is longer. At the same time, its 1.2THP, 1.6THP turbine engine version uses a timing chain that does not require replacement and maintenance, saving some maintenance costs. And the price of accessories, C4 Sega is not expensive, the specific accessories prices can refer to the following table (regional or dealerships will be different, for reference only) 2016 C4 Sega maintenance parts price list according to official requirements, C4 Sega maintenance recommendations mileage It is done once every 7500km, which is half the maintenance of 5000km of most brands. Therefore, the same driving is 30,000km, C4 Sega only needs to do 4 maintenance, and the maintenance of the model after 5,000km requires 6 maintenance. This will save a little maintenance costs. At the first guarantee of 7500km, it only needs to change the oil and machine filter, and at the same time check the vehicle. Its first insurance is free. The second third maintenance is carried out at 15000km and 22500km. It is also necessary to change the oil and machine filter. The total working time of 100 yuan is only 397 yuan. After 30,000km, the official requested a major maintenance, oil, air filter, air conditioning filter, coolant, brake oil, fuel filter and spark plug, plus 490 yuan working hours, the total cost of this maintenance It is 1292 yuan (manual air conditioner) /1282 yuan (automatic air conditioner). Next, 37500km, 45000km and 52500km are “small maintenance”, the cost is only 397 yuan. And to 60000km, the maintenance cost of the C4 Sega 1.6L CVVT version is only between 1282 yuan and 1432 yuan. The automatic transmission only needs to change the transmission oil every 90,000 kilometers or 6 years, the price is 155 yuan /barrel /4L, the maintenance cost is very low. Total maintenance costs: C4 Sega different power systems have different maintenance costs. The total cost of regular maintenance for different power models is 4,709 yuan (1.6L CVVT MT manual air conditioner) and 4689 yuan (1.6L). CVVT MT automatic air conditioning), 4569 yuan (1.6L CVVT AT manual air conditioning), 4549 yuan (1.6L CVVT AT automatic air conditioning), 5189 yuan (1.2THP MT), 5029 yuan (1.2THP AT), 5405 yuan (1.6THP AT ), the overall maintenance costs are lower than the overall level of the same class, thanks to its own longer maintenance cycle and relatively low price of accessories. At the same time, the timing chain and other accessories do not need to be maintained, saving a certain maintenance cost. Calculated by driving for 20,000km in one year, the total maintenance cost of C4 Sega for one year only needs 1,523 yuan, which is quite economical. Recommendation: Many consumers buy cars and often only pay attention to the vehicle itself and neglect the post-maintenance costs. In the later maintenance and excessively high parts prices, it will cost a lot of money. At this time, regret is useless. Therefore, it is recommended that you should consider the cost of the car when you buy a car, so that you can buy it with confidence and have fun.

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