Old car driver: Is there a need for a hot car before driving?

                                                   Let me talk about why you want a hot car? The main reason for the hot car is that after the car is parked for a long time, the oil in the engine flows back into the oil sump of the lower part of the engine. Therefore, after ignition, the upper part of the engine is in a state of lack of lubrication of the oil, about 30 seconds after the start of the engine, the oil will be transported to the piston and connecting rod that the engine needs most lubrication due to the operation of the oil pump. Parts such as crankshafts. The so-called hot car is to let the lubricant work, it is not only the engine but also other car mechanisms. Therefore, even if it is hot in the summer, it is necessary to heat the car properly. The warm-up time in winter is longer than in summer. What harm does it have to be a hot car? If you let your bed work, what would you feel? The same is true of the car. If you have just been woken up and do heavy work, it will be short-lived for a long time! Oh, this short life is about the engine. After the engine was left overnight, the lubricating oil on each friction surface had basically disappeared and the oil film protection was lost. The low temperature causes the viscosity of the lubricating oil to increase, the adhesion and fluidity become worse, and the resistance at the start of the engine is increased. Driving at this time will increase the load on the engine and increase unnecessary wear. Hot cars can reduce this wear and thus extend the life of the engine. Different models, different displacements, different loads, different climates, hot cars are also slightly different, we only need to master an important principle —— hot car should be a dynamic process of steady heating, gradual acceleration, not suitable for long time Idle speed, the speed is stable at around 800 rpm. The longer the hot car is, the better? After the fire is on, the car waits in the same place, and then starts the vehicle after the speed drops. If the speed is above 2000 rpm when you are in the car, you need to wait for about 30 seconds – 1 minute, then watch the engine tachometer pointer drop to about 1200 rpm (but not yet dropped to the normal idle speed of 800 ~ 1000 rpm), and It has been basically stable, there is no obvious fluctuation, and the body has no obvious jitter. In this case, the gear can be started. So, is the hot car time as long as possible? Of course not! Do not take more than 3 minutes for hot cars, because the long time will not only increase fuel consumption and sewage, but also cause a certain amount of carbon deposits and damage if you do not drive. As long as the engine can reach a steady and normal idle speed, it can be driven. In addition, a turbocharged car does not require a hot car for too long, and too long a time can damage the turbine. For the car preheating, after-sales maintenance experts said that no matter what type of car, regardless of the model, both old and new cars must be preheated, only the engine and other equipment can be fully lubricated to ensure the performance and life of the engine. Regarding the hot car, the old driver loves to do this … … in life, many drivers do not deliberately go to the hot car. The car girl randomly asked six friends who drove around, and three said that they would not deliberately go to the hot car. They all sneaked slowly after the fire, and then accelerated after the water tank temperature was normal, and their car used 4 For -6 years, the engine has been safe and sound. Therefore, in fact, the original hot car only takes 30 to 60 seconds, then slow driving for 1 minute is enough, this is also the best way to heat.

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