What should I do if the car is running outside? ?

                                                   As the saying goes, people are floating in the rivers and lakes, how can there be no sickle? The car is running outside, and it is impossible to scrape. Report an insurance, the claim is only a few hundred dollars, the premiums have risen a lot in the coming year; at your own expense, not only spend money, but also delay time. So what should I do if I encounter a small scraping of the vehicle? Do not repair the car, only do the car repair information porter’s Xiaobian suggest you: Use the car Netcom App, just a few steps, the car 钣 spray line mode operation, the speed of the spray, the fastest 4 hours delivery first step set model Choose the spray repair position. The second step is to select the spray center. Make an appointment to the store to confirm the order. Online payment. The third step is to go to the spray center to receive the service completion evaluation. It is easy to complete the paint repair of the car. It is so simple! What are you waiting for? Download the Car Netcom App and download it now and get a 500 yuan car vouchers.

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