Experts say: When is the lubricant replaced?

[Car World Maintenance] When is the lubricant properly replaced? I believe this is a common problem for many motorists. Lubricants play an important role in the use of automobiles, which can effectively reduce engine wear and extend the use of automobiles. life. Then, when is the car suitable for changing the oil, is it the mileage or the actual attenuation of the oil? How to actually reduce the actual oil, use the filter paper? How to see?
Yuantian No.1 Expert: General replacement cycle It is the mileage and time. As for the actual attenuation of the oil, the average consumer can’t see it, and there is no quick way to detect it. Only in the laboratory can the condition be measured. Therefore, it is generally based on the manufacturer’s specifications and mileage. Or time as a reference for the replacement cycle. If filter paper is used, it is used to check whether there is engine metal powder or carbon deposit inside the engine. If it is more recommended, you should use full synthesis. If the car is opened less, how long does it take for the lubricant to change? Source Day 1 Expert: Full synthetic motor oil can be replaced once a year according to time. If the semi-synthetic engine oil is used, it needs to be replaced once every six months. And if you use Yuantian No. 1 oil, you can run more than 20,000 km. If you do not have strong suggestions during 4S shop maintenance, you can reduce the frequency of replacement. Lubricating oil can not be purchased in large quantities at one time? How long can it be stored after opening and without opening? Source Tian No. 1 expert: It can be kept for 5 years without opening. If it is opened, it is generally recommended to change it within one year. Do you need to use cleaning agent when changing the lubricating oil? Source Day No. 1 Expert: Whether to use the cleaning agent to change the oil actually needs to look at the condition of your car. It is recommended to check whether the inside of your engine has formed sludge. You can ask the technician to use it. Endoscopy, if it is cleaned, there is no need to use it.
Which oil viscosity should change with the season? Source Day 1 Expert: Now it is a compound oil, so you only need to choose a motor oil suitable for your car. High and low temperature fluidity is suitable for use in extreme weather conditions and can be used in a temperature range of -50 degrees. Online shopping engine oil reliable? Source days No. 1 experts: online shopping or choose a large platform of self-operated channels will be slightly guaranteed, and now the fraud is too clever, it is really difficult for netizens to distinguish between true and false, so it is still a choice A reliable channel is more important. If you purchase Yuantian No. 1 lubricant, you can go to our official website to purchase, all of which can guarantee authenticity. Can different brands of lubricants be mixed with Yuantian No. 1 lubricant? Source Tian No. 1 Expert: Yes, but you must add the oil sealant in the new oil. This will not affect the oil seal life of your engine. Does the new car oil change require special treatment? Source Tian No. 1 Expert: For imported cars, because of the need to travel long distances across the sea, the choice of pre-installed oil is more rust-proof. The oil needs to be replaced in 2000 kilometers, and the domestically produced models can be replaced by the oil in accordance with the first insurance cycle specified by the manufacturer. The source day 1 can guarantee to travel more than 20,000 kilometers, so the owner can replace it according to mileage and condition.
How long is the source of lubricant replacement for Yuantian No. 1? Yuantian No. 1 Expert: First of all, from the mileage, the mineral oil is generally changed by 5,000 km, the semi-synthetic is 7,500 km, and the total synthesis can reach 10,000 km. In terms of time, mineral oil and semi-synthesis are changed in half a year, and full synthesis can be done in one year. The source of No. 1 lubricant is a new generation of ester-based synthetic lubricants. It uses the world’s first patented biocatalyst technology. The service life of the oil is up to one year or more than 22,000 kilometers. Through the above problems, I believe that we can help some car owners solve some problems related to lubricant replacement. If you have other questions, you can go directly to our marketing point or repair station for consultation. Source Day 1 helps car owners save travel. At the same time of cost, it is safe and non-toxic, and protects your health.

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