My car gives you an experience of repairing a car without being hacked

                                                   —— My car Jingdong crowdfunding media offline experience in the chaotic car market, how can the car owners understand the car clearly? On the afternoon of July 7, the theme of my car sponsored was “A experience of repairing a car without being hacked”, and the Jingdong crowdfunding media offline experience meeting was held in my car & bull; car medical examination center. My car passes the fair and transparent car detection and fault diagnosis to ensure that the owner gets a “snap experience of not repairing the car”. Wang Guan, the head of the Jingdong Financial Popular Culture section, attended the event and fully affirmed the significance and value of this crowdfunding. The Blue Ocean market has been recognized by angel investors. This experience will start with a VCR short film. In the short film, there are the founders of Robust, Aikang Guobin, 7 Days Hotel, Noah Fortune Angel Investor He Boquan, Chairman of Xinhuadu Business School, Mr. He Zhiyi, Executive Editor of Peking University Business Review, and Niu Wenwen, founder of Entrepreneur Dark Horse. Mr., China’s marketing Mr. Taidou, Mr. Changquan and other heavyweights, they gave a high degree of recognition to the cause of my car, and sent their blessings to this crowdfunding. It is understood that my car has received tens of millions of large angel rounds of financing. Similarly, in the VCR, the reporter also heard the voice of the car owners. They were hurt by the black curtain of the car maintenance. They urgently needed the help of an independent and impartial third-party organization like my car. I have already accepted my car service. The owner of the car, also shared through the lens, can clearly understand the joy of repairing the car. Entrepreneurial story Mr. Huang Wei, the founder and co-CEO of my car, gave a brief speech and told the entrepreneurial story of “My car”. At the beginning of 2015, Mr. Wang Huayu, the founder of my car, had to drive back to his hometown because of something. Before leaving, he drove his car to the 4S shop where he bought the car and did a test, not long after. I opened a list and quoted 4,200 yuan. At this time, he received an emergency call, and he went to work first, and the car was not built. The next day, he saw a 4S shop in the vicinity of the company. After entering, the price of the maintenance order issued by the store was 5,920 yuan. So he had doubts, why the project and price were so much worse than the first family? With a try-attention attitude, he found another 4S shop, and the result was 5700 yuan. The three 4S stores gave me three prices, and only the basic maintenance items were consistent, and the rest of the maintenance items were very different. Therefore, the two of them analyzed and discussed this, and finally agreed that the problem occurred in the detection process, 4S shop is not without the ability to accurately detect, but they do not want to. After that, they had the business of “separation and separation”. Unique Internet Thinking & mdash;— Maintenance and Separation Next, Mr. Huang Wei said that the root cause of the black market in the aftermarket is information asymmetry. For the professional car repair field, most car owners know nothing about it. Only by breaking this information asymmetry can the car owners really understand the car repair. After that, he introduced the service concept —— the three aspects of the inspection, accessories and maintenance of the car maintenance department were independently carried out by my car. With the fault diagnosis service, the owner can clearly know the vehicle failure and use this as a basis to determine a reasonable maintenance plan. My car • car medical examination center provides such detection and fault diagnosis service, and will provide a complete electronic version of the medical examination report after the service. The report includes the medical examination conclusion, accessory plan and price reference. At the same time, my car can provide parts purchasing and price comparison services for car owners who need it, and can also recommend high-quality repair workshops that have been strictly certified to the owner. Of course, these will not affect the independence and impartiality of the test results. How to repair and purchase the parts after the test is completely decided by the owner. My car also encourages the owner to choose the follow-up maintenance work and give the test results a fair result. evaluation of. Then, Ms. Wang Guan, the head of the Jingdong Financial Popular Culture section, made a speech. Ms. Wang said that she is the experience user of my car and highly praised this service. She believes that the separation of maintenance has solved the pain points of the owners, and it is very recognized by this new model. It is also hoped that more people will experience this kind of quality service through Jingdong crowdfunding. And said that Jingdong crowdfunding will give strong support! Directly hit the user’s pain points, repair the car is not black. Then, under the leadership of Mr. Huang Wei, the media visited the inspection workshop of my car. There are a lot of professional equipment in the workshop, and testing is underway. One of the owners is communicating with the technician. After the reporter communicated, the owner of the car didn’t cool the air conditioner. The 4S shop asked her to change the compressor. The price was nearly 4,000 yuan. She was too expensive and could not take insurance, so the friend introduced I found my car. After the technician checked, the cause of the problem was very simple. In fact, there is no need to replace the entire compressor. It only needs to replace one part of the compressor —— solenoid valve, which can solve the problem perfectly. More than 300 yuan. Another car attracted the attention of the reporter, and a lot of testing equipment was placed next to it. After communication, the reporter learned that this is a used car that has just been traded. Although the platform was tested before the transaction, the owner was still a little worried. So I found my car and used it again. Car detection. Just before the end of the meeting, the reporter learned that my car’s “a car repair experience is not hacked”, the crowdfunding project has already achieved the goal of crowdfunding, and this is only the half-day result of the project just launched. . It can be seen that the user has a strong resonance with “the experience of repairing a car without being hacked”. Company Profile My car was established in 2015. The mission is to let car owners know how to raise a car and enjoy car life! Headquartered in Beijing City Ring City International Auto Parts City, including data team, car testing team, technology development team, customer service team, marketing team, the total number of employees exceeds 160 people. Its automobile medical examination center (Beijing flagship store) is located in the E zone of Beijing Wufang Tianya Auto Parts City. It is the first mobile Internet-based vehicle detection and fault diagnosis platform in China, and it is “over-maintenance” for the domestic automobile aftermarket. With the “over-maintenance” status, the service model of “separation and maintenance” was pioneered. Its vehicle detection and fault diagnosis service provides independent, detailed and objective detection and diagnosis reports for vehicle owners, including detailed process data, diagnosis conclusions and accessory solutions. For those who are interested in this crowdfunding, you can go to the Jingdong financial platform to search “ a car repair experience is not black! ”.

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