Who is crying when the car insurance reform caused a quick repair war?

                                                   Recently, “3 years of non-risk insurance premiums are 40% off, and the premiums of more than 5 times a year are doubled”. The auto insurance reforms have aroused the dissatisfaction of many car owners, causing widespread concern and comments. In 2016, commercial auto insurance reform is underway nationwide, and all provinces and cities will complete auto insurance reforms by the end of this year. The news about the auto insurance rate reform has been constantly being screened in the circle of friends of the riders. In the end, the auto insurance reform has affected the first, the impact on the insurance company. For a long time, the commercial auto insurance rate has been determined by the new car purchase price as an important pricing factor, the correlation between premium and risk is not high, frequent vehicles and long-term non-risk vehicles There is almost no difference in rates. The practice of limiting the maximum preferential rate across the board makes the difference between the high-quality customers and the frequently-risk customers too small, which is not conducive to the guiding and regulating effect of the auto insurance rate. The insurance company is also very supportive of this auto insurance rate reform. After the implementation of the fee change, the insurance company will also get rid of the original constraints to obtain more freedom, so that its products market, diversification, personalization, and better meet the individual needs of the owners. In addition, insurance companies will have greater rights to choose which companies and institutions to cooperate with. As far as the current trend is concerned, more and more car owners prefer brand chain stores, and insurance companies will have the potential to reduce cooperation with 4S stores and increase links with brand fast repair chains. Second, the impact of 4S stores on the insurance premiums brought by the auto insurance reform, coupled with the high maintenance prices of 4S stores, the biggest impact is to let more vehicles out of the 4S shop, to other representatives of the community chain fast repair shop Repair site. Therefore, 4S stores have made some corresponding changes in response to such conditions. For example, some 4S stores have begun to upgrade their delivery time, from the previous 2-3 days to the current 4 hours, and strive to retain customers with more refined services. However, due to the huge system and cumbersome procedures of the 4S shop, the speed of this transformation is still too slow, and there is no continuous reaction between the moments. The road to the future needs to continue to explore! Third, the impact on the car owners The auto insurance rate reform directly affects people is the majority of car owners, as insured, the rise and fall of premiums has become the most concerned topic. The new fee change will directly link the premium to the number of times of insurance. The lower the number of insurances, the lower the premium, that is, “less accidents and less money”. From the table, you can see the proportion of premiums floating up. In this way, many car owners will measure whether they are taking insurance in the event of a minor accident, or choose to pay for themselves! Take the insurance base of 5,000 yuan, and the cost of repairing 1,000 yuan is taken as an example. This year’s insurance is 2 times, the premium for the coming year is: 5000*1.25=6250 yuan. If you choose to only take out one insurance, the premium for the coming year is still 5,000 yuan, plus the second maintenance fee of 1,000 yuan, which is 6,000 yuan. In this way, if the cost of a single maintenance is less than 1,000 yuan, it is more cost-effective to choose to go to the repair shop. If you exceed 1,000 yuan, you can choose whether to risk. (The above case is based on the risk of 2 times, and the coefficient of more than 3 times will be higher.) This undoubtedly increases the maintenance cost of the owner. The insurance originally purchased to reduce the pressure on the follow-up seems to be no To a good decompression effect. In the face of this situation, the owner will show helpless performance. After these changes brought to the car owners by the auto insurance reform, did anyone think about it, using a way that is more insurance than insurance, and the best of both worlds to solve the current problems and lead the majority of car owners out of the fog of premiums. Let the car owners not raise their own maintenance costs because of small rubs and small bumps, and they will be under tremendous pressure of life. At the same time, they can let their premiums not rise in the coming year, and even hopes of falling. More insurance than insurance – i paint protection When the majority of car owners see this time there is a kind of “mountain heavy water re-question no way, Liu dark flowers and another village” feeling. But once I think, “fish and bear’s paw can’t have both,” such a good thing is definitely a daydream. However, according to the author’s understanding, the car fast repair chain enterprise represented by Cheqishi has begun to launch similar products to meet the needs of the majority of car owners after the auto insurance reform. At the beginning of June 2016, the author saw them launching a product in Hangzhou, a car store in Hangzhou. According to the director of the car, the store is a service that is more insurance than insurance. Customers who purchase auto insurance at Cheqismen Store will receive free paint for the whole year. In order to ensure the original quality and lifetime warranty, Cheqishi introduced Donglai • Goofy Auto Refinish Paint, which is the global certification of most OEMs including Volvo, Toyota and Ford. This product does bring unprecedented evangelism to the majority of car owners, they no longer have to worry about the cost of premiums and maintenance, and even save a small amount of “private money”. The store manager emphasized that Cheqishi’s “i-painting treasure” is a highly humanized product tailored from the perspective of the owner of the car for the majority of car owners after the auto insurance reform. Cheqishi is the first person to launch this product, creating a precedent in the industry. There is no brand fast repair chain company that dares to make such a big sacrifice for consumers. The purpose of Cheqishi is to enable the majority of car owners to drive more safely and solve their worries. Allowing the owner to enjoy the ultimate service experience of free car repair without the risk. Car fast repair war Who is the main ups and downs Since 2008, the automobile aftermarket has increased by about 100 billion yuan every year. It is expected to break through the trillion mark by 2020. This gold industry in the next 10 or even 20 years is attracting more and more investors and entrepreneurs to join in and realize their dream of creating wealth in the aftermarket. From the current situation, the car fast repair chain enterprise represented by the Cheqishi brand, using the huge advantages of its offline outlets, actively adapts to the trend of the Internet +, open up the online and offline channels, and quickly copy the successful store operation experience to National franchise stores. In the next five years, the “Liaoning No.” of the automotive aftermarket will appear in the fast repair chain.

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