A wide variety of car extensions should not buy?

Recently, the reporter heard that many car owners consulted, is it necessary to extend the car now? Is the repair claim reliable? Will the warranty of the extended warranty be fulfilled as promised? I specially interviewed Mr. Chen, who has rich experience in the automotive aftermarket industry. He told reporters that “Car Extended Warranty” is “Car Extended Warranty Service”, which is after the vehicle has passed the original warranty period. Warranty service for extensions/miles provided by the department. For most car owners, buying a car extended warranty service can reduce the cost of maintenance after the car has passed the warranty period, and can bring a better car experience for the owner, which is a good value for money. There are many types of car extensions, how to choose according to your needs? When car owners choose car extended warranty products, they often have the feeling of “picking eyes”. Some brand manufacturers, 4S stores, and third-party service organizations are now launching car extension services, but the scope of service and the details of the rights and obligations of the extended warranty are not the same, and it is difficult to make comparisons. For example, some car owners who have purchased an extended warranty have proposed that they contract with the car dealer, the manufacturer and not the insurance company, and there is a situation in which there is no claim after the warranty. There are also some extended warranty services that indicate in the terms of the contract that regular maintenance must be performed at the selected storefront, otherwise the extended warranty service will not be available. The owner is discouraged from this service. Professional car extended warranty third-party service provider car doll CEO Ms. Lin Wei told reporters that in the protection of rights protection, the car doll worry-free car Yan Bao has strategic cooperation with the four insurance companies such as Yan Zhao P&C insurance, jointly underwriting, the car owners can get formal A legal car extended warranty policy is being repaired at a nationwide 4S store. Another point is that the owner should pay attention to the purchase, the car extended warranty products on the market, and some guarantee the protection of two or three parts of the key, then other parts have problems in use, or face the owner to bear the cost. The car doll worry-free car extended warranty provides services for the engine, gearbox, transmission system, brake system, fuel system and electrical system, which can basically meet the protection needs of the owner. When should car insurance be purchased? At present, most of the car extended warranty services on the market are for one year and two years, which means that it is difficult to enjoy such services for older cars over 5 years. This is obviously a way for manufacturers to avoid risks. After five years of vehicle use, the probability of problems with various components has increased. Zhang Gang, the person in charge of a car repair shop, told the reporter, “If you purchase the car extended warranty service, the car will have to pay attention to the working condition of the vehicle when the vehicle has been driving for more than 4 years. Once the vehicle is abnormal, it is best to go to two. Shops above the home are inspected to prevent the sale of extended vehicles from shirking responsibility and deliberately concealing the problems of the vehicle. Then, can you buy a car warranty for a vehicle with a long driving time? In the investigation, the reporter learned that the car doll worry-free car extended warranty provides an extended warranty of eight years /200,000 kilometers. As long as there is no problem during the extended warranty period, the owner can still obtain extended warranty service, which greatly reduces the risk of future maintenance. Here, it is necessary to remind the owner that the car extension service is actually the earlier the purchase, the more money is saved, so as not to purchase after the repair, and unnecessary losses occur. Moreover, many merchants regularly launch promotions, and continuous attention will save a fee. How to assess whether an extended warranty service is suitable for you? On the one hand, car owners need to assess their vehicle life, such as the new car is only intended to use 2-3 years, you can not buy. Because the vehicle is still under warranty during the change of the car, and there are three national guarantees. If you plan to drive for five years and eight years, then the car extended warranty service can be purchased, eliminating the worries. The second aspect needs to be discussed according to the model. Compact cars and small cars have a high probability of changing cars in about 2 years; medium and high-end cars and luxury cars are recommended to buy, because the maintenance costs after the warranty period are relatively high. In the third aspect, consider the technical content of the vehicle. Mr. Lu, an after-sales maintenance expert, said that the turbocharger is relatively complicated, the maintenance cost is relatively high, and the probability of failure is slightly higher than that of the naturally aspirated engine. Nowadays, the car has entered thousands of households. The common sense of using the car requires the owners to continue to learn and understand, choose the most suitable car and car-raising method, and make rational investment to protect their future interests.

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