Suzhou car maintenance and maintenance professional shop recommended!

                                                    Along with the state’s express provisions, external maintenance does not affect the warranty period of the vehicle during the warranty period. More and more car owners are starting to be out of the way, so as not to be slaughtered by the 4S shop. Many young car owners don’t know how to buy good oil. There are too many fakes in the three brands. The price of niche brands is too expensive and can’t afford to hurt. However, is there any big brand of motor oil that is cheaper and more affordable? Everyone is blessed to see the official. At present, Suzhou has opened a car maintenance and modification shop for online booking customers. It is located in the south section of the 6th floor of Ruishang used car supermarket, No. 299 Yinzhong Road, Guoxiang, Wuzhong District (Guoxing Audi 4S shop) 500 meters north), shop contact number: 18662276345 (WeChat same number). The store currently only operates Castrol, 3M brand engine oil, all oil is directly purchased by the manufacturers, no middlemen earn the difference, and support any channel inspection. (If you want to choose this, it is best to make an appointment in advance). Part price price list:

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