Ali entered the line, the car aftermarket O2O storms again?

                                                   O2O’s on-site service in the aftermarket of the automobile experienced capital influx and ebb tide, as if it had taken a roller coaster ride. It just started from the starting point and went to the end in the blink of an eye. I haven’t had time to breathe and suffocate and die! O2O collapsed tide In 2015, the door-to-door service model has been closed down. The O2O project of door-to-door car wash O2O startups “Kungfu car wash”, e-car wash, market-washing car wash, cloud car wash and so on have been frustrated. In April 2016, Boao, the largest home-based maintenance company in China, also said goodbye to us. In July, Zhuge Xiu’s E-round financing failed, and the multi-service sub-station was retired. The store was also looted. Not only O2O startups have smashed the auto aftermarket, but even the previous “Overlord” 4S stores have also shown signs of closing down and closing down. News about closing and running 4S shops around the world is also endless. This chaotic situation has caused Ali to rethink the new exploration of the Internet model of the aftermarket. With the flagship store of Ali Wharf on the line of Tmall, Ali Auto also began to lay out the store service terminal online. This also shows that the simple path of taking O2O has been proved by the market to be impracticable. All online services will eventually be reflected in the store terminal. Ali Automobile related person in charge also said that for Ali’s various businesses, the store is the hub, for consumers, the store is the core node. Brand fast repair chain became a new favorite By the end of 2015, China’s car ownership exceeded 170 million, while the average annual sales exceeded 20 million, and the market size of the automobile reached nearly 800 billion yuan. According to the “2015 Aftermarket Survey Report”, the size of the automotive aftermarket in the next five years can exceed 2 trillion yuan. DataEye released the “China’s passenger car market status” data report pointed out that the current average age of the country is 3.3 years, the overall entry into the car maintenance and maintenance of the critical stage. From the current average age, most car owners face the problem of over-guarantee. There is a problem here. Which car owners have to choose where to repair? The roadside shop does not have a good service image and quality. There are many consumers who go there to repair and care. The high price and service of 4S stores cannot be directly proportional to this, which is also widely spread in the circle of young car owners with more and more information transparency. As a result, the remaining brand fast repair chain has become the new favorite of the majority of car owners. In these brand chain fast repair shops, customers can get the ideal service price and get a certain quality guarantee. It can be said that the brand fast repair chain is becoming the new main force in the Chinese automotive aftermarket. Fast speed, good service and brand protection have become the biggest highlights. This has also become the main reason why Ali Motor insists on building an offline service alliance. Who is more vocal? “If you want to form an online sales, the closed loop of offline services, and establish a service system parallel to the 4S store,” it is not something that can be achieved immediately. Just as Alipay always wants to socialize, there has always been a ambition to replace WeChat, but from the current situation, everyone is clear; the online e-commerce supermarket is not likely to be under the line “Wal-Mart” Life. A huge service system can be broken and replaced in the future! In contrast, the automobile aftermarket is also the same. At present, whether it is O2O or automobile e-commerce, it is still at the stage of exploration. There is no clear road to guide people to move forward. On the contrary, well-known brands that have been deeply involved in the automotive aftermarket for more than 10 years have to go smoothly. These established companies have won the recognition and trust of the market, and have enough experience to know more clearly what direction they are heading. Have a set of their own standard system and have the ability to copy quickly. Compared with O2O, which is still in the exploration stage, the offline brand fast repair chain has more say. There are not many companies with more than 10 years of brand experience in the automotive auto repair market in China, and all the fingers can count. As a car fast repair chain brand that has been deeply immersed in the aftermarket for 10 years, Cheqishi is the pioneer of China’s auto repair chain. It is well-known in the field of automotive quick repair, such as sheet metal painting, quick repair, car wash and beauty. Compared with the dirty shopside shop, Cheqishi has an absolute brand image; compared with the price of 4S shop, the price can not be directly proportional, Cheqishi has perfect service and reasonable price, and can provide consumers with lifelong Warranty service. Completely solve the many worries of consumers. At present, Cheqishi has deployed nearly 400 franchised stores in 25 provinces and cities across the country, all of which implement a unified decoration style and standard service system. The unified brand image has also left a mark on people’s hearts. Warming up and upgrading Brand + service + technology + image, this is also known to more and more car aftermarket practitioners. Many people have gradually understood that this is not an era of single-handedness. It is to choose whether to warm up or choose to close the door. I believe that no one will give up so easily, and more is to find new ways to innovate and renew. So in 2016, it became the first year of the transformation and upgrading of traditional auto repair shops and maintenance factories. Even 4S stores have to come together to make a lot of fun. For newcomers who already have a repair shop or just entered the aftermarket, Cheqis has its own system. Whether it’s a transformation or a new opening, Cheqishi can manage it. Since its inception, Cheqishi has been focusing on innovation and is actively in line with international standards. The mobile internet-based color palette platform can solve 99% of the color-to-color problem. The online procurement platform and offline cargo transportation platform are thoroughly opened. In-line and offline integration; in order to bring a new service experience to the majority of car owners, Cheqishi provides the majority of car owners with “Original Quality Lifetime Warranty” service, which is specially introduced to China-EU joint research and development including Volvo, Toyota and Ford. Most of the OEMs, such as Lincoln, are certified globally. More than 70% of the top 100 auto dealers in China have designated Donglai & middot; Goofy Auto repairs quick-drying paint. Branding, specialization and chaining are the development trends of the industry. Since the beginning of 2016, major OEMs have also rushed to arrange offline physical stores. This time, Ali Motors has also stepped out of the line. The future automotive aftermarket is the world of OEMs, O2O companies or brand fast-fixing chains that have been deeply rooted for many years. We will wait and see!

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