14 years, motorcycle repair apprentices finally promoted to the car repair shop owner

                                                   Sun Junjie leaned back in the chair, lit a cigarette and took a strong breath. When he looked at me, he looked down at his own hands and said indifferently: “If I was 6 years ago, my hands were full of daddy.” It is also much rougher than it is now. At that time, I was an eight-year-old repairman in the auto repair industry. & rdquo; Looking back, Sun Junjie, who had just become the owner of the car repair shop, always felt that everything happened just like yesterday. The Three Choices of Life: Reading, Being a Soldier and Learning Skills At the beginning of the 21st century, reading, being a soldier, and learning crafts were the three choices that many parents gave to their children. At that time, Sun Junjie just graduated from the military academy. I saw many students who dropped out of junior high school and dropped out of school to worship the masters. Some of them started traditional masons, woodworkers, and some started fashion maintenance and car repair. Away from the shackles of the school, every little day seems to be quite comfortable. The young Sun Junjie was moved. At that time, Sun Junjie was very young. His career was too heavy. He was like a headless fly and ran into it. This collision allowed Sun Junjie to pick up the wrench and open the “repair career” —— he became an apprentice in motorcycle repair. When apprentices are the most bitter, they have to do all the dirty work. When they are not doing well, it is commonplace. “Master Shi is light and heavy, sometimes heavier, and he has an idea in his mind, squatting tools, pats his ass and leaves.” However, after a few steps, I returned and pulled it back. I picked up the tool and continued the repair in the surprised eyes of the master. I should do it. & rdquo; After a year of forbearance, Sun Junjie felt that his technology was enough to go out alone. This time, Sun Junjie resolutely left, and said that he would do it, and opened his own motorcycle repair shop. “At that time, he realized that the boss and the apprentice were completely different. When you are an apprentice, you always want to get off work early, get some work early, have time to go back to play, go to the Internet cafe to go online, chat, play games. I don’t have so much fun when I open a store. I want to do more repairs and earn more money. Sometimes when I was eating, people came out of the door, and immediately put down the tableware in my hand and went to serve the renminbi. ” Sun Junjie’s smoke was gone, and then he ordered another one. The Chinese economy at the beginning of the 21st century is like a high-speed train. In 2004, motorcycle repairs were no longer booming, and many motorcycle repair shops had no business. Soon, Sun Junjie realized that it was only a matter of time before the four rounds replaced the two rounds. Young Junjie chose to retreat from the motorcycle repair industry. As the saying goes, “Men are afraid of entering the wrong line”. After Sun Junjie left the motorcycle repair industry, he was swaying in the market. The only constant is “repair career”. From motorcycle repairs to home appliance repairs, from home appliance repairs to mechanical repairs and car repairs, Sun Junjie is no longer young and impulsive, and his career choices are much more stable. In 2010, Sun Junjie chose to retired from the repair industry and went to a equipment manufacturing company. With a hard work style, Sun Junjie has been promoted from ordinary employees to production supervisors for six years. Good horses then eat back to the grass: a “repair” in the end 6 years of nine-to-five life, let Sun Junjie precipitate a lot. However, no matter how comfortable life is, it can’t resist the impulse of repairing his career for Sun Junjie for more than ten years. Only, this time, Sun Junjie is no longer blind. After four years of car maintenance experience and six years of continuous attention to changes in the car repair market, in 2016, after Sun Junjie prepared for 10 years, he took the opportunity to resign and start a business. Sun Junjie’s car, the Chishi Automobile Fast Repair Chain Store, covers an area of ​​more than 300 square meters and belongs to a small and beautiful car repair shop. Although the sparrows are small and complete, they cover the basic after-service services such as sheet metal paint, quick repair, car wash beauty and auto insurance services. In the former Baiqiang County of Jintan, there are not many professional brand auto repair shops. Apart from the 4S shop, there are not a few husband and wife shops and messy garages. The middle and high-end car owners are almost 4S shops. There is no good choice. Sun Junjie is precisely this opportunity. The commercial insurance rate reform and the introduction of new motor vehicle maintenance management methods will make more cars mainstream 4S stores. Professional brand fast repair shops are bound to be the industry trend. “I have asked a lot of husband and wife shop and repair shop staff, they all feel that business is not as good as before. I think there are two reasons. First, the bidding has intensified. Everyone has seen a big cake in the auto repair market, so they are rushing in, including the intervention of Internet companies, and the price wars. In fact, the stores simply cannot make money; Second, the changes in car owners’ demand, car owners are getting younger, cars are getting more and more high-end, and information is becoming more and more transparent. Most car owners know that they are going to be slaughtered in 4S stores, and they serve high-quality, relatively low-priced brand fast-repair shops. It is already expected. “Jun Junjie thinks that he chooses to enter the auto repair industry. Brand, professional, is the label of Sun Junjie’s car chain service repair service chain. The establishment of Cheqishi in 2006 was just the period of rapid development of the automobile market. With the golden market of the automobile market for 10 years, Cheqishi gradually conquered more than 3 million owners with technology and services. From the original 2-5 hours of paint repair to today’s 38 minutes of ultra-fast spray, every time the technical innovation of Cheqis is driving the development of the entire aftermarket. Sun Junjie said that he agrees with the “technology-driven industry development, service-led store performance” proposed by Cheqishi, which coincides with his many years of maintenance service experience. Hard technology and soft services are the foundation of consumer choice. For the future store operation, Sun Junjie has already been full of ambitions. After the market is cruel, the cruel competition can be continuously improved. After nearly 2 weeks of high-intensity training by Cheqishi Xiaogege College, the service concept of “convenience, trust, cool music” has long been rooted in Sun Junjie’s heart. “Maybe, when you pass through Jintan, Jiangsu, you can come and chat when you see this car repair shop. Listen to the entire 14-year story from the motorcycle repairman apprentice to the car fast repair shop owner. “Sun Junjie said.

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