Novice car car full Raiders car maintenance common sense project

[Automobile world maintenance] car has become an indispensable means of transportation in our daily life, now every day you can see a variety of cars full of streets run. Some ran fast, some ran slow, some ran a lot of power, and some ran and kept shaking. Can not help but make people feel that the same is the car, what is the difference? If you want to say this difference, first of all, it must be the factor of the car configuration grade, and the millions of Porsche 911 naturally run faster than tens of thousands of Chery QQ. If the factor of the configuration grade is excluded, the difference in the state of the same price class is the reason for the daily car habit. In daily use, every habit will affect the condition of the car with the accumulation of time. A good habit will make the car more and more useful and extend the service life. A bad habit will make the car worse and worse, affecting its service life. 1. Use the car after turning off the engine. Since all the electrical appliances are supplied by the battery, the battery and the motor can be recharged, so there is no need to turn off the appliance before turning off the engine. However, the problem is that the service life of any battery has a design time limit. Excessive use will definitely shorten the use time and reduce the service life. Therefore, it is very necessary to turn off the electric equipment inside the vehicle before parking, especially high-power equipment. Especially those who have installed audio vehicles and can watch videos! Second, when maintenance is not timely, when using the vehicle, it must be maintained on time and mileage. If you usually use fewer cars, you can’t drive tens of thousands of kilometers a year. It’s best to do a small maintenance before the start of the fall and spring, and do a big maintenance for two years. Because China’s territory is too broad, Xiaobian is not good to say the specific month. However, in the summer and winter seasons, the extreme high temperature and severe cold damage the engine is particularly large, so Xiaobian suggested that it would be better to replace after these two seasons. Of course, this is for the riders who usually use less cars. If you drive more than usual, it is still according to the mileage specified in the maintenance manual. As long as you add the right oil, it will not have much impact. Not long ago, our online car reported that some people in the United States drove the car to 1.6 million kilometers, the car condition is still very good, the secret is to maintain on time. The car dealer decided to redeem him with a new car. Third, the original hot car mode error Now you can still hear, some people say that after the car is launched, you need to be in the original hot car, after the engine is hot, you can move the car. Xiaobian reiterates here that this view is extremely wrong, extremely wrong and extremely wrong. After the vehicle is launched, it does need a hot car, but it is not an in-situ hot car. The so-called hot car means that the lubricant needs to increase the temperature as soon as possible. When the engine temperature rises, the viscosity of the oil decreases, the resistance becomes smaller, and the engine can be lubricated better, so as to extend the service life of the engine. If it is an in-situ hot car, the idle speed does not increase the temperature of the engine very quickly. In this case, it will only aggravate the wear of the engine. – The car, after the car is on the third gear, after a low speed driving (the engine speed is about 1800 rpm) and other water temperatures come up, then start normal driving. In the automatic car, before the water temperature comes up, the engine speed is also maintained at about 1800 rpm. After all, the engine speed in the cold car stage will be too much damage to the car. Fourth, frequent on the road teeth on the road to increase the wear and tear on the tires, it is very easy to cause fetal wall injury. Moreover, it is often the car that has to increase the throttle to get on the road, so the impact on the shock absorber is very large. If too much, frequent tripping on the road will shorten the life of the shock absorber. Not only that, but the steering gear and steering will also be greatly impacted, causing damage. Moreover, if the chassis of the vehicle is not high enough, it will cause the bottom to be damaged and damage the oil pan and the suspension structure. 5. Parking without returning to the tires The steering wheel does not return to normal when parking in daily life. Most of these are car owners who are sloppy and sloppy. When the vehicle is turning, due to the existence of the inclination of the kingpin of the wheel and the design of the camber of the tire, the tire is not completely treaded on the ground, but the shoulder and a part of the tread are stressed, which will bring a lot of tire sidewalls. pressure. At the same time, regardless of whether the kingpin is tilted or tilted backwards, it will give the wheel a positive stress. In this case, the wheel will have a tendency to turn and the stress on the steering rod of the steering system, and the elastic strut portion of the suspension system will also be stressed. The steering wheel gear and the steering rod rack will have a corresponding tendency to turn. If the parking does not return to the steering wheel, these stresses will continue to be applied to these three parts and will not be released, and over time will accelerate the aging or deformation of these parts. In fact, among the major components of a car, the fastest and most important thing to pay attention to is the wheel. The condition of the wheel not only directly affects the condition of the vehicle, but also relates to driving safety. So many times we will hear the word “four-wheel alignment”. “Four Wheel Positioning” is the maintenance required to inspect and correct certain parts of the vehicle’s steering and suspension system. A well-steered vehicle should be a vehicle with a properly stable steering and suspension system. This includes smooth running, no noise, zero steering and the ability to bend over the steering line in a stable manner. The design of the vehicle suspension and steering arrangement is an overall compromise because the load, speed, road conditions and turning requirements are all varied. What are the importance of the four-wheel alignment? 1. Safety: instability at high speed and shift of center of gravity during high-speed cornering. 2, the accelerated wear of the parts: the vibration and shaking easily make the vehicle parts wear, and the drag phenomenon causes the tire to wear quickly. 3, poor handling: steering too heavy or driving floating. 4, fuel consumption: driving is not smooth and resulting in low efficiency. 5, the driver’s fatigue: driving uncomfortable and slippery. What are the advantages of a four-wheeled normal car? Smoother driving on the road; better grip; better vehicle steering capability; better straight-line driving stability; better cornering stability; Suspension wear and damage that causes abnormal tire wear and scratches; eliminates tire-to-tire friction caused by abnormal tire wear and scratches.

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