After learning this trick, the car does not have to do four wheel alignment!

[Car World Maintenance] When the car has been used for a long time, it will often encounter the situation where the direction is deviation. At this time, go to the 4S shop or the repair shop. The master is sure to ask you to do four-wheel positioning. 200 oceans, more than 400 oceans, but you know? In fact, most of the vehicles can solve the problem of deviation without using four-wheel positioning. You are required to do four-wheel positioning just to make more money. Turn the car on the four-wheel positioning machine, measure several data, and print the report to The car owner can see, then you can collect hundreds of oceans, who does not want to do this kind of good thing? However, I think that Xiaobian was mixed in a well-known brand 4S shop, and I know the inside story. In fact, most auto repair masters only use a four-wheel aligner to test and print a report. Look at the owner, tell the owner that we have made four rounds of positioning for you, and rarely use the four wheel aligner to adjust the vehicle, because the vehicle involves too many parameters, such as the caster caster angle, the kingpin tilt angle, The front wheel is tilted and the front wheel is forwarded. It is too cumbersome to adjust and most of the parameters do not need to be adjusted. Instead, try to adjust it by your own side. Next, Xiaobian teaches you a few tricks that can solve most car deviation problems first. If your car’s front and rear wheel specifications are the same, then you can change your car’s vehicle, as shown below: Here, Xiaobian has to popularize the disassembly method of the tire: First, take out the special tool for the tire and loosen the screw in the static state of the vehicle. Remember to just loose it, don’t unscrew it all, and loose the diagonal. The same is true when loading, diagonally. Then, use the jack to lift the vehicle up at the dedicated top, then loosen all the screws and finally remove the tires. Generally, the problem of deviation after wheel alignment has slowed down a lot. If there is still a significant deviation problem, then you need to adjust the wheel according to the following tutorial: Step 1: You need a 14 open end wrench and a hand 22 open-end wrench second step: Turn the steering wheel on the car to make the wheel as shown in the figure and then you can see the structure behind the wheel. The screw in the red circle in the figure below is the locking screw. After loosening the screw, you can use it. The open-end wrench of 14 is conditionally turned to the length of the tie rod in the blue circle below. Step 3: Use 22 open-end wrench to loosen the locking screw. Step 4: At this point, determine where the car is going. When the steering wheel is squared, if the car is turned to the left, you need to pull the lever of the left wheel. Turn the appropriate number of turns counterclockwise to extend the left steering lever as shown in the figure below, then adjust the number of turns of the right lever clockwise to keep the front toe angle. Step 5: After adjusting, use 22 open-end wrench to lock the lock nut, and then carry out the road test to see if there is still a deviation. If it still exists, it means that the number of adjustments is not correct. Repeat the above method to continue the adjustment. Until the car does not run off the phenomenon. Ok, today Xiaobian teaches you so much. I hope that everyone can save the money saved in the four rounds in the future and invite Xiaobian to eat. Then Xiaobian is grateful, hahaha~

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