Self-driving “Eleven” returned to the maintenance to the bombing

[Automobile world maintenance] “Eleven”; long vacations have passed, many self-driving friends have come back deep, everyone is anxious to maintain for the distant vehicles . As a result, many auto 4S shops and auto repair shops have been very busy recently, receiving customers who are coming. How to reasonably arrange and respond to car maintenance after a long holiday is also a matter for the owner. After the long holiday, car maintenance and repair, you also need to choose the right time. The person in charge of a 4S shop of a car said that after the long holiday, the owner of the self-driving car is always in the first time to come to the 4S shop to repair and maintain the vehicle, so that the 4S shop maintenance capacity is difficult to bear the load, and the excessive work is more likely to trigger various links. The error rate causes unpleasant things to happen. Therefore, when customers go to the 4S shop for maintenance, it is best to make an appointment in advance, it is necessary to stagger the time of the maintenance peak. This can not only save waiting time, but also allow the factory to work in a step-by-step manner, avoiding mistakes in the fuss, and better guaranteeing the quality of vehicle maintenance. After the long-distance of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle must be affected, and the maintenance should be carried out accordingly to allow the vehicle to quickly return to the best condition. For long-distance vehicles, the car body will be contaminated with pollutants. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the car body in time to remove the contaminants attached to the car to avoid damaging the paint surface. Long-distance vehicles are often unfamiliar roads, and owners who are unfamiliar with road conditions can easily damage the chassis of the vehicle if they are not properly operated. Therefore, it is necessary to check the chassis after a long journey. The test content includes whether the transmission parts and suspension parts are loose or damaged, whether the steel plate of the chassis is intact, and the corrosion of the chassis. Tires also need maintenance. After long-distance driving, according to the situation, if possible, comprehensively check the tire pressure, four-wheel balance, and observe whether the tire has aging cracks or trauma, it is best to clean the inclusions in the tread. If the tire is found to be completely worn, it should be replaced in time. Next, check the engine oil. Due to the long distance traveled by long distances, different brands of vehicles will have different consumption and will be replaced or added according to the situation. Check the antifreeze and add or replace it as appropriate. Check the transmission oil and replace as required. There is also brake oil, which must be replaced and maintained in strict accordance with the requirements.

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