Two key points in the maintenance of new cars

                                                [Automobile World Maintenance] It is important to have two time points in the maintenance of the new car. One is the first insurance at 5,000 km, and the maintenance is 10,000 km. It is best to have regular maintenance every 5,000 kilometers or so. When it comes to 50,000 kilometers and 100,000 kilometers, there is still a big maintenance. The large maintenance is mainly focused on the oil circuit and the anti-carbon knot detection. These two maintenance are very important and necessary for the new car. One of the key points of new car maintenance is the first insurance. The first insurance is free. It is best for the owner not to miss the first insurance. Because the new car is in the running-in state, the mechanical components are running in, the demand for lubricating oil will be higher, and the meaning of the first guarantee. It is here. The new car first maintenance project usually includes replacing the oil, machine filter, tightening the vehicle screws, checking the chassis to see if there are any sharp scratches on the chassis, whether there are scratches at the exhaust pipe, whether the chassis can corrode or leak oil. appear. In addition, it is necessary to check the wear of the tires, whether there is a need for four-wheel positioning, and whether there is any foreign matter. Check the lighting system such as high beam, low beam, fog light, brake light, etc., as well as various oil level detection such as brake oil, power steering oil and antifreeze. The key point of the new car maintenance is about 10,000 kilometers. The second guarantee is about 10,000 kilometers. The project involves engine, automatic transmission, air-conditioning system, steering system, braking system, suspension system, body part, Testing and maintenance of eight major tires. In addition, it also includes quality inspection test. The second guarantee is generally carried out when the new car mileage reaches 10,000 kilometers. Usually, after so many inspections and maintenance of the second guarantee, the entire vehicle condition will obviously enter the best state, and the safety of driving is best guaranteed. After the new car is used, the high speed is required to improve the performance of the engine. Why is this? Because the new car engine after the initial running-in, the movement between the parts tends to coordinate. At this time, pulling the high speed to keep the engine running at high speed for a period of time can check the limit working condition of the machine and expand the bearing range of tensile, compressive, anti-collision and anti-torsion of the machine material. Especially when working at high temperatures, the strength of the metal material can be greatly improved, and the overall performance of the machine can be further enhanced. However, there are also car maintenance staff recommended that if you want to go to the high speed, you must choose the right time. First of all, you can never use the first box of oil to pull the high speed. The first box of oil has the most metal scrap and many impurities. If the oil with a lot of debris is pulled high speed, it will greatly increase the loss of the engine and even cause abnormal wear. According to the advice of relevant professionals, if you want to choose the high speed, you must choose a suitable time. The important thing is that you can’t use the first box of oil to pull the high speed. The first box of oil has a lot of impurities. Debris oil can pull the high speed, which will greatly increase the loss of the engine and affect the service life of the engine.

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