How to care for your car after the long holiday? BYD will help you

. Some people say that most of China is on the road during the Golden Week. The traffic volume has increased sharply and the self-driving tour is extremely hot. However, when the holiday is over, as a self-driving enthusiast who can help the mountains and rivers, the car not only needs rest but also needs careful care. Xiao Bian also collected some of the car maintenance skills from the BYD senior after-sales engineers for the long-term return, that is, a clean, two inspection, three maintenance, three strokes to make your car full of blood. A clean cleaning of the whole car to make the car a new long return, the car is also a servant, BYD after-sales engineers said that the first thing to do is to give the whole car a cleanup. Car wash is one of the must-do homework to remove dust or attachments from the car body in time to prevent it from eroding the car. For example, the SUV, such as the BYD S7, can lead the owner to go outdoors and wading through the mountains. It is inevitable that the wilderness will be contaminated with mud. After returning to the city, it needs to be cleaned up to restore its high value. In addition, most people take long-term attention on the fun, but the car interior is easy to get dirty and needs to be cleaned. The BYD engineer suggested using a professional cleaning agent to wipe the interior to remove dirt, odor and bacteria from the car. If you have the conditions, you can use the protective agent to do some care for the interior, so that the inside and outside of the car will be completely renewed, bringing a healthier and cleaner car environment. Second inspection Timely physical examination to eliminate potential hidden dangers After the long vacation period, the car needs to conduct a comprehensive physical examination, covering all aspects of paint, chassis, air filter, glass water and so on. Car paint and chassis inspection mainly depends on whether there is any defects, if necessary, it needs to be repaired, so as not to cause the vehicle to rust, affecting the appearance and safety. The air filter is known as the lungs of the car. After long-distance driving, the air filter can be taken out to check whether the surface is dirty. If it is not visible to the naked eye, it can be tapped. If a large amount of dust falls off, it means that the air filter needs to be replaced. In addition, long vacation self-driving tour may encounter a variety of road conditions and weather, the use of wipers to clean the front windshield frequency increases, so that the consumption of glass water will be more, so after returning, check the glass water is sufficient, in order to maintain Good driving vision. If it is a pure electric vehicle such as BYD Qin EV300, e6, etc., you need to check the battery power and charge it. When it comes to car testing, BYD can be said to be the conscience of the industry. It is understood that they will conduct free medical consultations from time to time, with as many as 11 service items, comprehensive and meticulous. Not only that, BYD is also equipped with a professional and advanced VDS1000 fault remote diagnosis system to provide convenient inspection services for more car owners, eliminating the worries. Three maintenance to better extend the life of the car As the saying goes, the car three-point maintenance by seven points, the importance of vehicle maintenance. The main thing here is the maintenance of auto parts, including oil, machine filters and tires. The oil is the lubricant for the normal operation of the car. The travel time of the self-driving tour is less than one hundred kilometers and thousands of kilometers long. The oil wears and consumes a lot of oil. Changing the oil in time can better extend the service life of the car. In addition to the oil, the maintenance of the tires can not be ignored. After a long vacation, it is best to clean the tires in depth, clean up the debris in the pattern or the groove, and replace it if it is found to be damaged. BYD engineers suggest that whether you change tires or not, it is best to go to a professional repair shop or 4S shop for a four-wheel alignment after the long journey to correct the tire balance. BYD has more than 600 after-sales service outlets and tens of thousands of professionally certified after-sales personnel, which will provide the most convenient after-sales service for car owners around the world. Tire pressure detection, pure accessories and four-wheel positioning are all indispensable. In addition, BYD after-sales engineers also reminded everyone that after the holiday, they will generally greet the small peak of vehicle inspection, maintenance and repair. In order to save time, the owner can also make reservations through telephone and other channels, so that their car can get timely and accurate maintenance services. .

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