Maintenance knowledge Car “four grids” replacement sloppy

                                                [Car World] Maintenance] Oil grid, gas grid, air grid and air conditioner are commonly known as cars. “Four squares”; don’t look at their size is not very big, but it is indispensable in the process of using the car. The oil grid and the gasoline grid are like human lungs. It filters out the impurities in the oil and gasoline, so that the engine can run normally. The air grid and air conditioner grid are also a filter. Without their filtration, no matter how good the car can’t go. How far, even the best air conditioning has an odor. Huang Weilu senior technician Lin Weihua reminds the owner to pay attention to every “car” of the car. When it is replaced, the most expensive one is not necessarily the best. Oil grid oil function: As the name implies, the function of the oil grid is to filter the oil inside the engine to improve its cleanliness and lubrication, thus reducing the wear and tear of the engine and making it perform its best function. Working mechanism: Just like the blood circulation system of the heart, the oil in the oil pump is also circulating continuously. In this process, many unexpected impurities are generated, and such unclean things need to be filtered by the oil filter. Price: domestic economic vehicles, such as Changan Star, Xiali Jinbei, etc., the price of the engine oil used is generally between 8 and 15 yuan; the mid-range car, the price of the engine oil is between 15 and 35 yuan; medium and high-end cars, The price of its matching engine oil is generally between 35 and 65 yuan; the price of the engine oil grid is about 90 yuan for some models that are scarce on the market. In addition, the price of the sub-factory engine oil grid is generally 5 to 10 yuan, which is roughly 1/3 of the price of the factory. However, the quality of the auxiliary parts is poor, and the aprons are easy to break, which easily leads to oil leakage, which directly affects the operation of the engine and causes wear. It is not recommended. Recommended replacement time: The car is replaced every 5,000-10,000 kilometers. Experts recommend that you change the oil compartment every time you change the oil. The reason is that the dirt in the old engine oil oil will reduce the viscosity and cleanliness of the new oil, affect the oil circulation speed, and damage the engine. Gasoline grid gas grid function: filter gasoline from the fuel tank to the combustion chamber of the engine. Working mechanism: There are various impurities in the general gasoline. When the fuel tank is used for a long time, it will precipitate a certain amount of dirt. The above reasons will affect the quality of the gasoline. The function of the gasoline grid is to filter the above impurities. The gasoline in the fuel tank is filtered by the gasoline grid to reach the combustion chamber of the engine, and the cleaning purity can be effectively guaranteed. Price: The material of the petrol grid varies from car to car. The price of petrol for most economic models is between 50 and 100 yuan, and the price of petrol for a few special models is between 100 and 200 yuan. The price of gasoline in medium and high-end cars is above 100 yuan, and the overall difference is not large. Some deputy factory parts or miscellaneous petrol grids are prone to oil leakage, which may cause spontaneous combustion or even explosion. For the body, the human body is quite dangerous and is not recommended. Recommended replacement time: every 20,000 kilometers of the car. Air grid Air grid function: The air grid is installed at the air inlet of the engine. It can effectively filter the dust and impurities in the air, so that the purity of the air entering the combustion chamber is greatly increased, thus ensuring sufficient fuel combustion. Working mechanism: The air grid is composed of a paper filter. It seems to have a simple structure, but its function is not to be underestimated. Failure of the air grid will result in insufficient combustion of the gasoline, insufficient engine power, and pollution of the throttle body, resulting in unstable idle speed and abnormal engine jitter. Price: The air price of the general model is between 50 and 100 yuan. The air price of a few special models, such as Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, is more than 100 yuan. The price of the deputy factory parts is generally 1/3~1/4 of the price of the factory, up to 20-30 yuan. Recommended replacement time: every 20,000 kilometers of the car. Air-conditioning grid air-conditioning function: similar to the air grid, the role of the air-conditioning grid is to filter impurities such as dust particles in the air to provide clean air for the car air conditioner. Working mechanism: In addition to a few old models, the air conditioners of the new models are mostly equipped with activated carbon, and the air cleaning function has been greatly improved. If the air conditioner is not replaced for a long time, the air inlet will be blocked seriously, resulting in less airflow and cooling, and slow odor. Price: Basically in the tens of dollars. It is recommended that the owner choose an air conditioner with activated carbon, which is only a little higher than the air conditioner without activated carbon. Recommended replacement time: every 20,000 kilometers of the car. Tips: For you to calculate the account to the 4S shop to replace these accessories, although the quality can be guaranteed, but the price is also very high, and the quality of the oil and gas grid can not be sloppy, how can we do the accessories again Good and cheap? Experts suggest that in order to ensure the quality of the purchased parts, the owner can take time to purchase the regular brand parts in the professional auto parts market, not necessarily the original parts or imported parts, but must be regular brand parts, so the purchase, not only guarantees the quality, the price Still cheap. Buy more cars in the spare, replace them on your own or change them to a professional car service store. It is not a lot of benefits. Precautions for replacement and use 1. After replacing and installing the gas grid and the oil grid, pay attention to the sealing of the interface and be alert to oil leakage. 2. For the air grid and air conditioner grid, ensure the overall sealing after replacement; 3. Caring for gasoline Grid, try to use the matching label gasoline specified by the car manufacturer.

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