It is necessary to drive 7 in the autumn and winter. Otherwise, the trouble will continue to reduce the life of the car!

[Car World] Maintenance is about to start winter, do you feel that the weather is getting colder? Have you ever worn your autumn pants with your mother? In the winter, you must pay attention to keep warm, and it is not good to freeze the body. In fact, the car and the human body are the same. The temperature in winter is low, and the parts of the car are relatively fragile. Therefore, the maintenance of the vehicle is very important. The car needs to be “three-point repair, seven-point maintenance”. So how do you need to maintain your car in winter? Let’s talk about winter car maintenance! 1. Antifreeze When it comes to cold winters, the first thing that comes to mind is antifreeze. In winter, the outdoor temperature is very low. In order to operate the vehicle normally, it must have enough antifreeze. Otherwise, the water tank will be frozen and cannot be circulated normally. The vehicle will malfunction, and the antifreeze should be replenished in time. Some suggest that the antifreeze should be changed once every two years, and the antifreeze should be replaced in time, but the mixed antifreeze (especially in summer) must be replaced in one year. Note that products of different brands and different models should not be mixed. 2. Oil In winter, if the engine oil is not labeled in winter, it will cause it to be difficult to flow. The car will be seriously damaged when the engine starts. Therefore, every owner should check whether the oil on the car is resistant to cold winter before the winter. It is recommended to replace the winter oil. In winter, the oil viscosity is small. When the vehicle is cold-started, the low-temperature fluidity is good, and the flow resistance is small, which not only can reduce the probability of cold start of the vehicle, but also can form a better lubrication protection for the engine in a low-temperature environment, so in some winters, In cold areas, it is recommended that you replace the winter oil. In most parts of the South, as long as the temperature is not too low (such as below -10 °C), ordinary engine oil or four seasons general purpose oil can fully meet the conditions of use, no need to replace the winter oil. 3, glass water In winter, smog is mostly, keeping the front windshield clean is very important. Be sure to use good quality glass water, it will not freeze when washing the glass wire, otherwise it will not only affect the driver’s line of sight, but also damage the wiper. 4. Tire When the tire pressure is too high, the wear of the middle part of the tread will be intensified, which will not only shorten the service life of the tire, but also affect the grip performance of the tire, which is not conducive to driving safety. Too low tire pressure can lead to accelerated tire wear. Therefore, please check the tire pressure regularly. In the winter, the tires will become more “fragile”, so pay attention to protect the tires when driving in winter. When driving in winter, try to avoid hard objects such as stones, bricks and raised manhole covers on the road to avoid tires “injury”. Especially at high speeds, it is possible that a stone will cause your tire to burst. 5. Battery The battery is most afraid of low temperature. Under low temperature, the battery capacity is much lower than that at normal temperature. Therefore, before the cold season comes, the electrolyte of the battery should be replenished to adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte. At the same time, clean the battery terminals and apply special grease to protect them, ensure reliable start-up and extend battery life. If the vehicle is parked in the open air or in the garage for several weeks, the battery should be removed and stored in a warmer room to prevent the battery from freezing. 6, lighting winter external lighting inspection is the most easily overlooked. In rain and snow, visibility is extremely low, and vehicle exterior lighting is the only basis for other drivers to identify your vehicle. Therefore, please check if the light bulbs on the outside of the vehicle are damaged or the brightness is low, and replace all the poorly performing bulbs. The headlights of the LED light group need to be disassembled to replace the LEDs. The steps are more troublesome. It is recommended to find professional maintenance personnel for maintenance. 7. After the snow has washed in time, after the heavy snowfall, many car owners will wait for the sun to come out, and the snow on the car will be automatically lost. In fact, it is a big mistake to do this. In fact, rain and snow seem to be clean, but there are many hidden impurities. Especially in the north, the winter is very foggy. There are many acidic substances hidden in the snow. If you don’t wash the car in time, these acidic substances will adhere to the surface of the paint. It will corrode the paint and affect the color and luster of the paint.

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