Car maintenance unspoken rules and clear rules How to not eat dumb loss

                                                [Automobile World Maintenance] Mr. Jiang of Beijing recently ate a “dumb loss”. He suspects that the bumper that was spent 7,000 yuan in a 4S shop is not the original accessory, but there is no way to confirm it. Shoddy, “over-treatment”, “Daily Asking Price … … Speaking of car repair, the old drivers around are often bitter, repairing the car after the sale of “hidden rules” rdquo; change “clear rules” Can helplessly spread hands. In the face of repairing the car “traps”, can consumers only swallow their voices? Consumer: I am a knife, I am a fish. Recently, Mr. Jiang from Beijing went to the 4S shop to repair the car. Because the car crashed more seriously, the headlights, glass and front bumper had to be replaced. After picking up the situation, the pick-up crew said that the parts need to be ordered in advance, and it takes at least 10 days to pick up the car. Who knows that the pick-up staff contacted the car repair master, and said that the accessories are available, can be repaired in 3 days, quoted 7,000 yuan. “It’s not a spot for a while, and it’s said that it’s in stock later. & rdquo; Mr. Jiang had doubts at the time, but did not think too much, he agreed to repair. A few days later, when he went to pick up the car, he found that the front bumper was obviously in trouble. “The bumper has too many burrs and is very rough, unlike the original bumper.” & rdquo; Mr. Jiang suspected that the bumper is not the original factory, and found a friend who knows how to verify, but also found that it is not the original accessories. Then he reflected the situation to the 4S shop, the other party insisted that it was the original factory, and said “check the system, there is an order record”. Mr. Jiang asked to go to the warehouse to compare, or to check the original picture, but was rejected by the other party on the grounds of “no such procedure”. The money is not detectable and confirmed. In fact, the owner of Mr. Jiang who ate “dumb” is not a minority. In this year’s China Consumers Association (hereinafter referred to as “China Consumers Association”), “In 2015, the National Consumers Association accepted the analysis of complaints about automobile products”, the total number of complaints received by China Consumers Association in the automotive industry was 18,863. Among them, 4,105 after-sales service complaints, accounting for 21.27%, mainly concentrated on non-compliance with the Three Guarantees (36.88%), multiple maintenance of the same quality problem (16.42%) and non-performance of after-sales commitment (14.91%). In real life, in addition to the above problems, consumers often encounter more “traps” in the maintenance process, and often are pitted and still in the dark. Many car owners admit that entering the 4S shop is basically “man-made knife, I am a fish”. “Over-treatment, small illnesses and big doctors” is the usual trick of 4S stores. The operator of a 4S shop told reporters that most of the parts on the car can be repaired and reused, except for parts that cannot be repaired once. However, many of the car owners interviewed by the reporter said that 4S shops often rely on safety reasons, deliberately exaggerating the fault, repairing the car directly changed “to change” car. For example, if the lampshade of the vehicle is damaged, you can change the lampshade. The maintenance personnel will recommend removing the headlights and reinstalling the new set of lights. What’s more, after the owner leaves, the damaged parts are repaired, painted, refurbished and sold to other customers. It is not uncommon to see the disassembly and repair of vehicle parts in 4S stores. A car owner told reporters that a Volvo warning light in his home had problems and was sent to the 4S shop for inspection. Unexpectedly, a few days later, when he went to check again, he found that a component on the steering wheel was lost without any reason. It turned out that the 4S shop was unwilling to use new parts when it was troubleshooting other maintenance vehicles, and it was removed from the other owners’ cars. The parts are charged and recharged, and it is the 4S shop that has been exposed many times in recent years. A 4S shop of a brand in Xi’an purchased 10 expensive original parts at the beginning of the year. The owner of the car was told to use the original parts. However, by the end of the year, the industrial and commercial department had found out that 10 pieces of original parts were still lying in the warehouse, a lot. “In our special inspection, the quantity of the original parts of the 4S shop and the number of repair parts used are not the same. & rdquo; Hou Yunzhang, Director of the Marketing Department of the Shaanxi Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, said, “In the year, the store has been decorating and repairing thousands of cars, and repairing the faults. The selection of a large number of accessories is actually the so-called “deputy factory product & rsquo;, this It has become a hidden rule in the car 4S shop. ”4S shop: sales do not make money, relying on maintenance for several years, with the explosive growth of the automotive industry, car brands are increasing year by year, the fierce competition has led to the profit of 4S stores in the sales chain is decreasing year by year, and the Internet brings The transparency of information has exposed the price, cost, profit margin and other nakedness to consumers. Therefore, the profit point of 4S stores has gradually shifted to the incomplete maintenance of after-sales maintenance. “ Sales do not make money, relying on repairs. “The head of a 4S store of a Japanese brand said that now 4S shop is “walking on one leg”, if you don’t rack your brains on maintenance, “more juice”, it is very difficult to survive. Industry experts said that in order to make the auto repair and maintenance market more competitive, it should be improved from three aspects: the spare parts of the automakers will gradually open to the auto repair market, and the 4S stores will have greater auto parts options and market competition. Leading maintenance companies to achieve the survival of the fittest. Many 4S shop owners told reporters that in recent years, 4S stores of various brands have faced a large number of customer outflows in after-sales service. After three years of warranty period, almost half of the customers will be lost, and some even as high as 70%, during the warranty period. The churn rate is also around 30%. In this context, many non-4S shop auto repair shops are targeting this market, expanding the auto repair market with standardized operations. Chen Feihong, general manager of Fuzhou Ledao Auto Service Co., said that the auto repair market is showing a trend of polarization. On the one hand, the price of brand repair shops represented by 4S stores is too high, and the monopoly is strong. On the other hand, the threshold is very low. The self-employed, and the consumer is caught in it, it is difficult to enjoy the cost-effective auto repair service. Chen Feihong, who has visited the auto repair industry in South Korea and the United States, said that the benign operation of the auto industry not only requires the reform of the auto repair shop itself, but also needs to establish industry standards and basic pricing through the industry associations to make the quality qualified and does not involve the automobile brand. The core technology’s “deputy factory accessories” can also be the object of choice for auto repair shops, breaking the monopoly of the accessories industry, on the one hand, decompressing 4S stores and other auto repair shops, on the other hand, allowing consumers to have more More choices. Lawyer: Three strokes to deal with the car repair “trap” in the face of the insurable car repair “trap”, how do consumers maintain their legitimate rights and interests? Guo Chengen, a lawyer of Fujian Yuanyi Law Firm, told the reporter that when the owner of the vehicle sends the vehicle to the vehicle maintenance company for maintenance, he must first pay attention to retain the key evidence, so as to avoid the dispute between the two parties after the repair. The owner can take photos or videos before the repair, and record the damage of the parts that need to be repaired. If the owner has a traffic accident while driving, he can also take pictures of the accident scene with the camera. At the same time, it is also necessary to keep a repair order negotiated with the auto repair company. Secondly, the owner can take the initiative to explain to the maintenance personnel before repairing the car, he needs to keep the old parts replaced, so that the owner can compare the old parts with the new parts replaced by maintenance personnel to prevent the maintenance personnel from sub-charging it is good. In addition, Guo Chengen said that once the owner of the car encounters a car repair “trap”, he can also file a lawsuit with the court to protect his legal rights through legal channels. Usually, the owner can apply to the court to identify the repaired vehicle, and the court will entrust a qualified appraisal agency to make a professional appraisal conclusion. The case-handling judge will refer to the appraisal report made by the appraisal agency to handle the case. If the appraisal report determines that the auto repair company does exist “over-maintenance”, the judge will also judge the consumer to win the case according to law.

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