The network about the new car landing to pick up this blind date guide

network car new policy has been officially implemented for several days, since the four first-tier cities in the north and the north and the depth of the release of the network car management rules, the city network car local rules draft It has also been introduced one after another. It is only “the driver’s household registration, the city’s license plate, the vehicle displacement and the wheelbase requirements”. The three mountains are enough to reduce the number of the network to a new height, which is called “the strictest in history”. regulation. This standard can even be compared with the mother-in-law’s daughter-in-law, and it’s no wonder that online will prevail such a paragraph: & ldquo; 乖 daughter, you should pack it up before you go out, don’t go out and wash your hair, especially when you want to call the car> ; “ Why? &? “Beijing hukou, there are local license plates, all open 2.0L or 1.8T displacement cars, this condition, usually introduced objects are not easy to touch, now the drops are sifted for you.” Don’t talk about dating websites, I am afraid that even the drops can not think of it. As a taxi software, one day, you can defeat the blind date website and become a good way to save the majority of single Wang. The wife of the mother-in-law chooses the golden turtle! Xiaobian can only sigh: awesome word drops! Quickly pick up the following Drip Guides & Darr; Carefully study the above picture, combined with the harsh standards of the mother-in-law to pick up the son-in-law, it is not difficult to imagine that the strict restrictions on the new car will lead to a cliff-like fall in the number of compliance vehicles, the friendship car Say less and less. With the introduction of the rules, the cost of offline vehicles, insurance costs, operating costs, taxes, etc. will also increase accordingly. Plus the Internet will be subject to market pricing, and the price increase will be full of power. In this way, the blind date is also High cost is required. However, it is not only your mother who has broken his heart for the single Wang, but in order to let the senior young women marry on a high-quality dating platform such as Didi, the Dafa father will hold a “every Friday” for everyone. Half price blind date & quoquo;, from now until December 31, during the GF Day, every Friday, with GF Credit Card in Guangfa Micro Mall or APP Mall, you can use the 11 yuan to buy a 22-yuan Didi Express/winding ticket , and the network about the car Gao Fushuai came to the field “half price about benefits”. For single women in Guangzhou, your welfare can be more than that. Every lady! Please see the picture below ↓ In order to facilitate the majority of white-collar workers to go to work, go home. On Thursdays and Fridays in November, with more than 1,000 special cars, the Camry New Town will be open to the Camry and Dongfeng Peugeot 508, waiting for you. Customers who hold Guangfa cards can scan the posters in the car and find the wonderful QR code to enjoy the half price of Guangfa Day. What, you said that you have not yet done a wide card? It doesn’t matter, there are also discounts for users who don’t have a wide-issue card. Scan the QR code of the card in the poster and apply for the wide-issue card online. You can get a 100-yuan Drip red envelope right away. Help you blind date, but also send red envelopes, so envy Guangzhou’s friends. Next, the network car driver, look at you!

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