Market share of 95.6% US PEAK tail gas treatment liquid landed in China, control smog

                                                   The smog has become the most sensitive of the public, and it is also the pollution phenomenon closest to the lives of ordinary people (46.89 -0.30%, buy). It is imperative to reduce and eliminate the smog. The cause of smog comes from many factors. To solve this problem, it is also necessary for all walks of life to make their own efforts. As a leading brand of petrochemical enterprises and independent lubricants that have shared the same fate with the Chinese economy for more than 20 years, it has made a new attempt. Excessive emission of automobile exhaust gas is recognized as one of the main causes of smog. Therefore, various government measures such as restrictions on purchases and restrictions on motor vehicles have been born. However, restricting travel to eliminate the effects of exhaust gas is only a way to cure the symptoms. To solve the problem fundamentally, it is necessary to start by reducing the pollution of the exhaust gas itself. Compared with many family cars in the city, the large number of diesel-powered vehicles, although the number is small, is an important source of exhaust pollution due to the huge displacement of the engine and the high pollution of the exhaust gas components. The exhaust pollution has become a major technical obstacle. Based on its working principle, diesel engines have higher fuel efficiency than gasoline engines, and their HC, CO, and CO2 emissions are lower than gasoline vehicles. However, diesel vehicles emit much higher NOx (nitrogen oxides) and PM (particulate matter). Gasoline car. At present, the SCR selective catalytic reduction technology is commonly used in the world to control the emission of harmful substances in diesel engines, that is, the compressed urea is used to spray the urea solution into the hot engine exhaust gas, and the urea solution is vaporized to produce ammonia gas. The ammonia and exhaust NOx react in the SCR catalyst, converting to harmless water vapor and N2 while absorbing harmful flue gas particles. This technology has been used in China from the National Standard. But for a long time it has remained at the initial stage. Most of the urea brands used in vehicles are local regional brands. The market is more chaotic and the fakes are clustered, which has become an important factor hindering the popularization of this technology. Uniform lubricants believe that to solve the haze, car petrochemical products companies are duty-bound. To give full play to the forward-looking advantages of large enterprises in the international leading technology products, and strive to build a bridge of international cooperation, it is the advantage of unified lubricants. Recently, Uni-Lubricants announced that it has officially acquired the 66-year-old American high-end automotive accessories brand PEAK (Chinese translation), the trademark, technology and operation rights in Greater China, and first launched PEAK under the domestic market. One of the flagship products, BlueDEF® Blue Doctor diesel exhaust fluid, introduces the world’s best vehicle exhaust fluid products to China, and makes its own social contribution to eliminate exhaust pollution. PEAK Peak is one of the largest high-end automotive accessories brands in the United States, and about 85% of Americans buy PEAK Peak products every year. Among them, BlueDEF® Blue Doctor diesel exhaust gas treatment liquid as PEAK’s flagship product, the US retail market share is as high as 95.6%, channel penetration rate reaches 100%, the US market users up to 250 million person-times per year, is rated as the highest purity in the US market. The best-performing diesel urea solution products, and selected for the support vehicles of the US JFR team and other well-known racing teams. Uniform lubricants will introduce this world-renowned product into the Chinese market, which is a strategic win-win situation with operational significance and environmental protection significance. The introduction of excellent products is only the first step of unification. In China, the awareness of environmental protection of large-scale automobile users is not strong and the relevant knowledge is weak, which has seriously affected the popularization and application of relevant environmental protection technologies for a long time. Therefore, Uniform Lubricant regards the education and promotion of the product market as its important responsibility, and combines the extensive automotive accessory product service network established over the past 20 years to provide training for the majority of truck/bus users and provide specific user conditions. Customized solutions for vehicle exhaust gas treatment and environmental compliance, and strive to implement environmental protection concepts and actions. China is the second largest auto market in the world, and its annual car growth rate ranks first in the world. It is expected that China’s auto ownership will surpass the US in five years. In this huge growth space, it is expected that the number of heavy trucks in China will reach more than 23 million in the future, and the total number of diesel vehicles will exceed 30 million. With the development of economic construction, it will continue to rise. In the future, the market demand for diesel exhaust gas treatment liquid will be immeasurable, which is the responsibility of unified lubricants. According to the plan, in the future, the unified will be based on the full cooperation with PEAK peak, promote the platform strategy, comprehensively expand the automotive accessory products business, and strive to bring more global leading and environmentally valuable automotive aftermarket to Chinese consumers. Accessories products.

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