Renren car: second-hand car road test checkpoints big inventory

Many friends who buy used cars have questions, vehicle evaluation when buying a car, shelves, are static, before the transfer, must be a road test, is the real test drive. Test the car, not just the ignition, look around the car, try to get started, try the floor oil, try the emergency brake, turn a sharp thing, so many problems have not been found. The following people’s car according to the test before, during and after the test to give you some knowledge, pay attention to all the premise must be the owner of the test before allowing the test drive situation … … First, the road test before the test: engine start, idle, whether there is Abnormal sound, the exhaust color is normal. 1. Start: Everyone reminds that under normal circumstances, the engine should be successfully started within three times. Otherwise, there will be problems, which are related to the oil circuit, circuit, gas path and machinery. Not much to say, remember, three times still can’t, decisively change the car! Speaking of this, everyone’s car emphasizes, don’t forget to look at the keys of the key, if there are obvious marks, be sure to cut down the whole car lock and key. 2. Idle speed: When the engine is idling, it should be very stable. The vibration of the engine should also be very small. The speed of the engine when the engine is idling is different. There is no strict standard. 3. Abnormal sound: Under normal circumstances, the sound of the engine is smooth and rhythmic. If a detonation sound, a rattle, or a scream is abnormal, it is abnormal. 4. Exhaust color: The gas emitted by the normal engine is colorless. Everyone said that it is like black smoke, blue smoke and white smoke. It is not normal … … 2. Road test: Road test Check: Clutch, gearbox, acceleration, braking, stability 1. Clutch: The driver of the car, first determine whether the clutch is engaged smoothly, completely separated, no abnormal noise, jitter and abnormal slip during operation. When you are in a cold car, if you have a creaking sound, you must pay attention. 2. Transmission: From the start to the high speed, then from high to low, observe whether the transmission plus or minus is smooth, whether there are chaotic files, skip files, lost files and so on. You must try the manual mode. The CVT has to check for setbacks. 3. Acceleration ability: Deeply step on the accelerator pedal to observe whether the vehicle is strong and powerful, whether the speed of the vehicle is normal, and whether the computer response time is fast. 4. Brakeability: Accelerate the car to 20-50Km/h, perform an emergency brake, check whether the brake has deviation, tail, and whether the steering wheel is shaking. Then try the brake in the direction of direction. Try not to rush, because it is only the test phase, monitoring the behavior of ABS should avoid the dissatisfaction of the owner. 5. Stability: Observe that the vehicle is running, with or without direction deviation, abnormal jitter and so on. 3. After the road test: After the road test is completed, the car reminder also needs to check the vehicle after the road test, check whether the water temperature and oil temperature are within a reasonable range, and also check whether the vehicle has “4”. Leakage rdquo; the situation, that is, whether there is water leakage, oil leakage, air leakage, leakage. Up to now, the entire road test has been completed, is it not that I feel like I just ran a lap?

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