The bigger the car, the more oily it is? Don’t be pitted by these mistakes

                                                   The displacement of the car refers to the volume of the engine cylinder. Generally speaking, most of the cars with large displacements are luxury cars. The whole vehicle is equipped with advanced equipment and its own weight is relatively large. Therefore, many people think that the cars with large displacements must be smaller than the ones with small displacements. In addition, there are many misunderstandings. Misunderstanding one The greater the displacement, the more oily. In fact, the more displacement represents the best working condition of the engine. Large displacement vehicles may be more fuel efficient in high speed ranges. Small displacement vehicles are more fuel efficient at low speeds. Misunderstanding 2 Small level is more fuel efficient than big level Because China’s road conditions are relatively congested, it gives everyone the feeling. In fact, during driving, small cars are limited by factors such as length and width, wind resistance coefficient, gearbox configuration, etc., which is not conducive to fuel economy. Misunderstanding 3 Manual gear ratio automatic gear saver In the early years, there is no problem at all, but now it is not. The shifting program and transmission efficiency of today’s automatic transmission models are already quite high. Some are even more fuel efficient than manual models! Misunderstanding 4 German and American cars are more fuel-efficient than Japanese cars? Fuel consumption is related to road and engine technology. The fuel consumption of Japanese cars is indeed lower than that of American cars, and the difference is not big. And with the improvement of current engine technology. The gap in fuel consumption is also gradually narrowing! To save fuel, it is not enough to look at the model, and the fuel-saving servant has a coup. The car servant fuel treasure, using new technology, improve the octane number, and promote the full combustion of gasoline! Effective fuel-saving while reducing carbon accumulation, enhance power, let you drive more powerful.

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