Aftermarket: Code car to push “super maintenance” to send “cross-year red envelope”

                                                   The Spring Festival is the peak season for self-driving travel. It is also the time when the vehicle needs to be inspected and maintained. The demand for the owner’s Spring Festival travel, on December 24th, the code car brand chain “Super Maintenance”, the event is sincerely launched, launching a series of maintenance service packages. For the owner of the car in the long winter driving escort. As of February 28, 2017, car owners can enjoy multiple courtesy and value-added services at any of the nationwide car-raising brands. It is understood that the code car maintenance ” super maintenance & rdquo; activity in the activity of the German imported Edron brand, under normal driving conditions can guarantee 10,000 km without the need to change the oil maintenance, breaking the Chinese car owners in the past & ldquo; 5000 km to change the oil & rdquo The inherent concept of ; December 24, 2016 & mdash; January 3, 2017, users log in to the app, enter the event page from the pop-up window, Banner, event area, and purchase maintenance packages matching the model and vehicle status, up to 600 Yuan’s New Year’s Eve. At the same time, share this event with friends, 30 people can view the sharing link to get the movie ticket vouchers or the car-raising red envelopes that can be used in all the business of the model car-holding platform. The validity of this maintenance package is valid until February 28, 2017. It is expected that the store’s peak maintenance period will be one week before the Spring Festival. It is recommended that the owner choose the peak time to the code chain store maintenance or call the nearby chain stores in advance. . Since the establishment of the model chain store nationwide, the code has continuously launched the “1 yuan car wash”, “29 yuan car wash waxing”, “half price plated crystal” & ldquo; “five fold interior cleaning” Such preferential activities have been highly praised by the majority of users. The code-raising chain stores opened the pure maintenance activities, which is the concept of “super maintenance” that builds the brand of car-raising brands. It is hoped that users can deeply contact the standardized service standards and processes of the car-raising chain stores. At the same time, I also hope that car owners can enjoy more professional, more cost-effective, higher quality after-car maintenance services.

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