Touhua Car New Year Festival Maintenance Double Gifts Welcome New Year

                                                [Car World Maintenance] As a domestic car market, the B2C e-commerce platform is trusted by consumers. Strong support for car maintenance. The audience will be 299 minus 50, and you can also take care to buy one get one free coupon. Double major ceremony, all in the way to the car to raise the car new year festival maintenance session! The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of “authentic self-operated”, and has established direct cooperation with many domestic and foreign brand manufacturers, such as German horse brand tires, American Cooper tires, American winning brand oil, Wanli tires, snow. Furong engine oil, Gulf oil and other manufacturers, at present, the company has become a comprehensive and in-depth automotive aftermarket e-commerce platform with the authorization of mainstream manufacturers. Not only that, Tuxi maintains a self-built warehousing and logistics system, users can order genuine auto parts and supplies through the Tesco Tiger car platform, and Touthu will quickly deliver its products to its offline cooperative car service based on its own warehousing and logistics system. The store is completed by the store. Nowadays, with the “Tiger Tiger Car Insurance”, the owner only needs to gently touch the finger to enjoy the safe and reliable car service experience! In addition to the tires and engine oil It can also provide car owners with services such as car maintenance, car beauty, auto parts and genuine car purchases. With its consistent low-cost, authentic, self-operated and well-served brand management model, the company has quickly gained recognition from consumers across the country. Today, Togo has built a nationwide customer service center of up to 500 people to provide one-on-one online pre-sales and after-sales service to customers, to achieve full-time speed response, and regular return visits and reminders, service satisfaction is as high as 98%. The company has gradually become the first choice for car owners of hundreds of millions of Chinese car owners.

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