Winter refused to armpit large-capacity battery modification practice

[Automobile world maintenance] After the El Niño in 2015, this year came a saint La Nina & mdash; — interested friends please go to the shell to learn meteorological knowledge, today Let’s talk about how to survive the winter that is dominated by this temper tantrum. The impact of the La Niña phenomenon on the northern region is cold and particularly cold. This winter came early and so fierce, so that the Emperor of the capital had just taken off the big pants and had to rush to flip the autumn pants in two days. In the hands of the author, the Honda Platinum Rui, which was opened for five or six years, finally resisted the cold wind. The original 45AH battery was finally hung in the first heavy snow, and successfully threw the author on the streets of Beijing in the early morning. The author who waited for the rescue to be frozen was determined to change his mind and decided to replace a larger battery for the car. By the way, you might want to change the battery. Generally, the fuel system of gasoline vehicles is 12V, so you only need to pay attention to the battery capacity when selecting a new battery (if the temperature in your place is too low in winter, you should pay attention to the cold start current of the battery). The capacity of the car-free maintenance battery is positively related to the battery size. In other words, the larger the capacity, the larger the size, so you need to check the volume of the car battery installation position, and then select the appropriate battery. Personal advice is to ask the battery merchant to take a few more batteries out, and pick the most suitable model. The benefits of changing a large-capacity battery are obvious. When you listen to music while parking, etc., you won’t be afraid of it anymore. (The last time you picked up a girl, you called it a rescue.) You won’t worry about the battery in the winter without a car. The battery runs out and the car hangs. Of course, we must also criticize the hidden cost-reduction behavior of some big cars with small batteries (there are so many people), and you have to buy medicines for freezing?

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