Winter maintenance should be rational. New car does not need to change antifreeze within two years

                                                 Recently, the temperature has continued to drop. Many people wear long-wearing cotton coats for the winter, and the owners have prepared cold-resistant equipment — anti-freeze for their cars. In order to give the car “drink” good antifreeze, the owner in addition to the 4S shop replacement, in fact, they are more willing to buy their own antifreeze replacement, which saves money and convenience. However, at present, there are hundreds of brands of antifreeze in Hangzhou auto parts market, and the price ranges from 5 yuan to 120 yuan. The quality is even better. So, what kind of antifreeze should I choose to be the most suitable for my car? The auto parts market has a lot of antifreeze in the auto parts market in Hangzhou. Some of them are factory agents, and some are attached as auto parts. business. “Antifreeze is mainly used in summer and winter. “The owner of Hangzhou Daqin Auto Parts Co., Ltd. said that there are many brands of antifreeze. The better brands include Shell, Great Wall, Mobil, Baishitong, etc. The price is between 60-200 yuan; Brands include Rainbow Refinement, Jiebao, Card Shield, etc., the price is between 10-50 yuan; the worst is the number of small workshops produced in the “Anonymous”, the cost only costs a few dollars, this will tend to paste Suitable for use in certain models. “The same brand, the price difference is a lot, this may be suspected of counterfeit and shoddy brands. ” Relevant people said that although it is a market that wins by price, selling fakes is a violation of market norms, and it will also disrupt the auto parts market. “The freezing point of various antifreezes is different, which is determined by different regions and different ambient temperatures. The freezing point of antifreeze in the southern region is generally around minus 15 °C, while in the north it is much higher. “The owner of Hangzhou Haichuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. said that there are a lot of antifreeze in the market that has a freezing point of minus 25 °C. In fact, it does not meet the standard, and the freezing point is only about 15 °C. Antifreeze is replaced once every 2-3 years. Winter is the peak season for the sale of antifreeze for vehicles. However, the antifreeze products on the market are not good enough, which makes it impossible for consumers to start. In the face of a variety of brands, professionals recommend buying high-end brands, the quality is relatively guaranteed, if the use of counterfeit antifreeze, it will cause great damage to the vehicle, small block the pipeline, and large corrosion tank. Recently, many car owners have come to replace antifreeze, but the knowledge of antifreeze replacement is not clear to the owner. Some owners have requested to replace the antifreeze in less than 2 years. In fact, it is completely unnecessary. According to him, the average car needs to be replaced with antifreeze in 2-3 years. The new car has the original antifreeze, and the quality is good. Basically, there will be no signs of boiling and cracking. Unless an accident occurs, the antifreeze needs to be replaced or added when it leaks. In the process of replacing the antifreeze, there are two colors of blue and red. “ Different types of antifreeze can not be mixed to avoid chemical reaction, precipitation or bubbles, and reduce the use effect. & rdquo; Hangzhou Xingfeng Auto Parts Chen boss said that before the use of blue, after buying and also buy the same color, this can effectively prevent the increase in precipitation. According to professionals, antifreeze generally has a color, and the deeper the color, the stronger the antifreeze ability. When consumers change the antifreeze for a car, they must check the name, address, telephone number, date of manufacture, etc. on the package. The regular products are fully marked, the writing is clear, and the fake and inferior products are easy to erase.

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