Also look at the time? Another dimension of oil change

                                                  [Automobile World Maintenance] You netizens, New Year is good! Before the article begins, I will give you a good year and I wish you all a happy New Year! I’m going to talk to you about changing the oil today. As you may know, changing the oil needs to be based on the mileage of the vehicle. However, if your car has not been opened for a long time and the mileage has not reached the standard for changing the oil, do you still need to replace it? ● Real case I have a colleague. The car in the house has been idle at home since the last maintenance. It has not been moved for more than a year. These two days because I want to drive by the New Year, I am going to pack up the car, but she is worried that the car will be idle for so long, will it have an impact? I didn’t need to change the oil, so she found me to ask me this question. This is not the first time someone has asked me such a question. When answering her doubts, I came up with the idea of ​​writing an article about changing oil. ● Also need to change by time? The car has not been opened for a long time, should the oil be replaced or not? Let me start with the cycle of oil replacement. The oil replacement cycle is generally divided into two dimensions: First, it is the well-known mileage of vehicles. According to the requirements of automobile manufacturers, the mileage of oil replacement for each brand is also different. Some are changed every 5,000 kilometers, and some are changed every 7500 kilometers. Even some brands have a replacement cycle of up to 15,000 kilometers. In short, each brand’s mileage requirements for changing oil are different. Second, that is what we are going to talk about today, change the oil by time. I believe that friends who frequently check the vehicle maintenance manual will understand that in the manufacturer’s vehicle maintenance manual, in addition to the mileage, the replacement of the oil will also require time. Many friends may have no idea how to change the oil according to time, and they never know how to change the oil. So why replace oil by time? This is the question I am going to answer for you today. When the vehicle does not drive for a long time, the oil will absorb the moisture in the air, which will cause the oil to deteriorate or even emulsifie (to produce a white foamy liquid). The deteriorated or emulsified motor oil loses the nature of the oil and cannot meet the normal lubrication requirements. It can no longer be used. The above is why the vehicle is idle for a long time and the oil is changed regularly. In fact, it is simply that the oil will deteriorate after a long time, and the engine cannot be protected after deterioration. ● How to judge the deterioration of engine oil? How do you judge whether the oil has deteriorated? This problem is complicated and needs to be judged according to the type of oil (mineral engine oil, semi-synthetic engine oil, fully synthetic motor oil), the environment in which the vehicle is parked, and the tightness of the oil pan. However, these are really a bit difficult for the average car owner, then I will tell you a simple method. It is a relatively simple and effective way to judge whether the oil has deteriorated through the oil filter paper. This oil filter paper can be bought in various e-commerce, auto parts and other places, and the price is not expensive. It can be purchased for more than ten yuan. If you are not comfortable with this method, you can change the oil according to the oil change time marked on the vehicle maintenance manual. For example, my colleague Xiaoxue has not opened a car for more than a year. According to the recommendations of the maintenance manual, I should go to the 4S shop to change the oil. Under normal circumstances, most of the deterioration of oil can not be observed by the naked eye. The emulsification mentioned above is only the worst case of oil deterioration. More problems are the failure of various additives in the oil, such as antioxidants. , anti-wear agents, etc. ● The danger of not changing the oil for a long time Just now we talked about the two dimensions of oil replacement, one is according to the number of kilometers traveled by the vehicle, and the other is according to time. Then, if the vehicle is not used for a long time, and does not change the oil, what harm will it have to the vehicle? In addition to deterioration and emulsification, when the vehicle is idle, the first time the cold start, because the vehicle engine does not run for a long time, the oil has basically returned to the oil sump, and there is no oil film protection inside the engine. Cold start can cause excessive wear on the engine. In addition, if you do not use the vehicle for a long time, there will be a certain loss to the battery, tires and other components of the car. Therefore, we recommend that the vehicle be inspected regularly during the idle period. If possible, drive the vehicle two to three weeks. This will not only charge the battery, but also check if the tire is out of gas, and can lubricate the engine and protect the engine components. If you are on a business trip or traveling outside, you can ask a friend or family member to help, and start the vehicle once a week to check if the engine is running abnormally, so as to ensure that there is no problem when using the car again. ● Summary of the article: A brief summary, even if the vehicle is idle for a long time, the oil will not be replaced for a long time, it will deteriorate and emulsifie. Therefore, if the number of kilometers traveled by the vehicle does not reach the standard for changing the oil, but the time dimension has arrived, it is also necessary to change the oil. In addition, in addition to the oil, long-term idle vehicles should be properly inspected. If the requirements are not met, please replace them in time to avoid problems during the use of the vehicle.

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