Was it changed into a battery? The battery should not be changed here to know

[Automobile World Maintenance] Nowadays more and more electrification equipment is being used in automobiles, and the demand for automobile batteries has become increasingly demanding. Coupled with the gradual changes in the weather, the summer and autumn seasons, after the summer sun and rain, the connection of the car battery is likely to have oxidation and other faults, today the old driver will share with you some of the little knowledge of battery use and maintenance, do not I was foolishly replaced by a battery. Under normal circumstances, the life of a car battery is 2-3 years, but if it is properly maintained, it is not surprising to use it for more than 5 years. There is no obvious precursor to the failure of the battery or the end of its life. The most direct performance is that after a period of parking, it suddenly fails to catch fire and can only wait for rescue. 1, the battery should not change here In general, the car’s battery should be replaced after about 3 years of use. Most cars are now equipped with maintenance-free batteries. There is a viewing hole on the battery. It is green under normal conditions. If it is not green but other colors (the colors of different manufacturers are different), the battery will reach the end of life and need to be replaced in time. 2. Turn off the electric appliance first and then turn off the flame. Turn off the light and turn off the sound before stopping the fire. After the train is over, be sure to turn off the lights, sounds, etc. before turning off the fire, then turn off the fire, so that it will not consume the battery’s power, especially the small lights, turn signals, etc. Check it out after getting off the bus, don’t ignore this. Once the lights are on for a long time, it is very unfavorable for the battery. Also pay attention when driving at night, first start the vehicle and then turn on the lights, sounds, etc. 3. Regularly clean the battery poles. Wipe the outside of the battery regularly with a damp cloth. Wipe off the dust, oil, white powder, etc. of the panel, positive and negative poles. This often scrubs the battery, the pole of the battery does not accumulate too much white acid etched powder, and its service life will be longer. Special grease can be applied to both ends of the battery to protect the battery. 4, half a year to check the battery In order to maintain the best performance of the battery, it is best to check the battery every six months to see how the storage capacity. The life of a typical battery is about 3 years, and it can last for 4 years if it is well maintained. But the more you go back, the shorter the time to check the battery. 5, the battery is dead, what should I do? If the battery is dead at the end of the life, how can the vehicle not start, what should I do? In case of sudden power shortage of the battery, you should contact the rescue vehicle, then connect the jumper cable and temporarily charge the rescue vehicle to start the engine. In order to avoid charging when the battery is dead, it is best for the owner to prepare a jumper cable in the car. When connecting the jumper cables, you must not mistake the connection sequence of the jumper cables: first connect the positive terminal of the battery of the faulty vehicle to the positive terminal of the rescue vehicle battery, and then the negative terminal of the rescue vehicle battery and the faulty vehicle. The metal part of the engine compartment is connected (grounding wire). After the jumper cable is connected, the engine of the rescue vehicle can be started, and the engine speed can be increased to 3,500 rpm. After about 5 minutes, the battery can be charged urgently. After charging is complete, the jumper cable should be removed in the reverse order of connecting the jumper cables. Summary: The battery plays a big role in the car’s use. If it can’t be powered normally, the engine and the circuit on the car will follow the problem. Therefore, the car owner usually cares for it carefully, in order to avoid the dilemma of the engine can not start or half way “armpit”.

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