Why don’t the old driver recommend opening the skylight?

                                                  [Car World Maintenance] In recent years, cars with skylights are getting more and more popular, and more and more people are becoming obsessed with this kind of car. Many people think that cars with skylights are more upscale and more stylish than cars without skylights. . But the old drivers often don’t recommend cars with skylights. What is this? High-end atmospheric grades Vehicles with skylights can be seen at a glance in many vehicles, with a superstar aura, which is not available in other cars. Especially the car with panoramic sunroof, more than a little luxury. Close to nature, bathing in the sun The outside of the car is sunny, but the car is dark and hazy, there will be a sense of oppression inside the car. At this time, if it is a sunroof version of the vehicle, the field of vision is wide. At the same time, open the sunroof to change the air, so that the air inside the car is fresh, especially the fresh air in the upper cockpit, so that the driver’s mind can stay awake and make driving safer and more reliable. Ventilation and ventilation to improve the interior environment The skylight can promote the air circulation inside the vehicle and make the harmful gases evaporate more quickly. When the vehicle is driving at a high speed, the air flows quickly from the periphery of the vehicle. At this time, the sunroof is opened, and a negative pressure zone is formed outside the vehicle. Due to the difference of air pressure inside and outside the car, the dirty air inside the car can be extracted to achieve the purpose of ventilation, so that the cabin always maintains fresh air, avoiding the smell in the car and is beneficial to the health of the body. Since the sunroof ventilation uses the negative pressure principle, dust and debris are not involved when the sunroof is opened. Cooling and energy saving The skylight also has a certain cooling effect. When the sunroof is properly opened in summer, it can not only save fuel consumption, but also enhance the cooling effect, and the cooling speed can be increased by 2~3 times. Noise Reduction and Defogging Skylights also reduce noise interference and help drivers drive safely. In winter, due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car, a lot of fog will be generated on the windshield. If the sunroof is opened, the temperature difference between the inside and the outside will be lowered quickly, and the windshield glass will be clean as before. However, these are not used for anything, and the skylights have some features of extreme negative energy. Must be carefully chosen. Special sun in the summer When you close the skylight, the thin layer of cover is not too good, especially the panoramic sunroof. For the moment, no car can solve the problem of poor sunroof insulation. Inexplicable noise This problem is particularly high. In the skylight slide, whether it is into pebbles or rain, you will hear the squeaking squeaking when you switch the sunroof, and it is easy to rust and not easy to clean. In addition, due to thermal expansion and contraction, for a long time, the overall structure of the sunroof will be slightly deformed. Unsafe sunroof material is strong, it is glass, after all, if there is a high-altitude falling object, the consequences will not be better than no skylight; and with this configuration, the overall rigidity of the car body will drop, in the event of a car accident, If the vehicle rolls over, do you think the roof is safe for glass or all metal?

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