Canada and the United States oil sponsored 昶 and the team to participate in the Aibo AIBO track

7th Aibo AIBO Super Racing Grand Prix On February 26, 2017, the 7th Aibo AIBO Super Racing Grand Prix was held at the Guangdong International Circuit. More than 100 riders from all over Guangdong and surrounding provinces and cities came here with the speed. Although it has been in the spring, the weather is still not warm. The riders are here to use the speed and enthusiasm to start the spring. The 86na group newcomers challenged a group to win the third place Black Turtle 86 Turbo – Professional Turbine b group won the third place stupid pig “Canada Canada and the United States lubricants”, “New Wynn car rental” “sponsored sponsorship, providing funding, operations and logistics for the team. support. Because of the quality, we teamed up with Shenzhen Yuhe and the team. Gk5na endurance race 1.5 hours to get the third runner-up and A Tao high-altitude geese drive, 3.0 supercharged, this game mainly to test drive, get 1:33 seconds of good results! Professional na-c group Reiz 2.5 won the third place Agu open turbine a group won the third quarter car Cheerhui newcomer na-c group less than four battle group champion zombies in the team sponsors, Jiamei lubricants is set research and development, production, Sales and service as one of the all-round lubricant companies; with strong technical force in the field of lubrication developed a variety of world-class technology products for the automotive and industrial sectors. Plus American car synthetic lubricant series, using Porcelainrine porcelain fluorine international patent technology, can provide protection for vehicles during long driving, to achieve fuel economy, environmental protection, and in any environment, vehicle engine performance is good; It features long life, energy saving, environmental protection, strong power and excellent protection. Jiamei Lubricants provides consumers with better lubrication and maintenance solutions with high quality and high performance products in the automotive care products market. Before the start of the 1 gold 5 silver competition, the Guangdong International Circuit has been raining. Early on the 26th, although the rain stopped, the track was still slippery. Coupled with temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, racing tires are difficult to reach normal operating temperatures, and countless cars are out of control on the track. Zhang Zhu, the person in charge of the team, said that he didn’t even dare to step on the oil when he was out of the track. The amplitude of the car would be slightly larger, and the car would appear “Dragon’s tail”. Fortunately, as time passed near noon, the weather gradually improved. In the finals, the riders can also play well with the state of the car and the car. Finally, the champions of the five teams and the champions of one group will be included. Jiamei engine oil, in the future, with integrity and quality, quickly become the leading brand of oil, are based on strict product, service and control standards. Choose Canada, safe, distinguished and worry-free. Due to considerable profits and huge market prospects, we are looking for someone to pay! ! ! If you want to know more, we are waiting for you in the public number [Plus American car expert]. Or call: 13823192538 (Mr. Huang)

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