There is always such a strange smell in the car? How to remove?

[Car World] Maintenance Many car owners will feel that there is always a taste in their car. In fact, this part of the taste is likely to be emitted by various car accessories placed in the compartment by the owner, such as foot pads. Most of the car mats currently on the market are chemical products and generally have some odor. And the inferior floor mats can easily bring various safety hazards to the owner. So how should the foot pad be purchased correctly and should it be properly maintained? The shape and size of the foot pad should be appropriate for the size of the car. If the size is too large or too small, the foot pad will be displaced during the braking process, which may cause an accident. It should be safer to choose a special car type and a positioning buckle type foot pad. At the same time, you should avoid choosing too thick mats. Too thick mats will increase the clutch spacing and it is not easy to grasp the brakes or throttle. Types of foot pads There are many kinds of foot pads, such as high-grade leather, VSQ, chemical fiber, etc., and common rubber, PVC, linen and the like. Owners can choose according to their individual needs, but the most important, the foot pads that are not easy to wear and easy to clean are ideal. Although rubber and PVC materials are the easiest to clean and inexpensive, they have a relatively large taste and are relatively short-lived. Although the price of chemical fiber is relatively high, it is more wear-resistant than other materials, and has many advantages such as water absorption and dust insulation. In fact, no matter which kind of material pad, after purchase, put it in a ventilated place to dry for a few days, and “deodorize” treatment. Because the foot pads are chemical products, to avoid more sources of odor in the car, the foot pads should be placed for a period of time before use. How to remove the smell of the floor mat? 1, you can hand over to 4S shop professionals to take care of, you can also use fruit, bamboo charcoal, orange peel, Boropi or grapefruit skin to absorb the smell inside the car, this is the easiest and most convenient way . 2. The cortical seats in the car, the plastic parts and some harmful gases emitted by the adhesive volatilize slowly at normal temperature. When the temperature inside the car reaches 30 ° C or higher, these gases will accelerate to volatilize. Using this principle, you can take the interior of the car’s decorative materials, car mats, cushions and other items to the sun for a while, but pay attention to the time of the sun should not be too long, you can also put in a ventilated place to dry for a few days. It is not a transparent latex mat. Generally, the odor will be removed after 2 days. It should be noted that the transparent latex mat can not be exposed to the sun. The transparent latex mat can only be placed in a cool place, and the smell is basically eliminated after drying for about 3 days. 3. Take cleaning measures to eliminate odors. Clean with a detergent, preferably a fruit-flavored scented detergent. Never use a highly corrosive detergent such as washing powder. This will only make the car’s latex mat gradually yellow and fail to reach. The effect of the taste, after washing, spray the deodorant and put it in a ventilated place to dry it. The odor of the foot pad after cleaning and drying is basically gone. 4. If you can’t completely eliminate the odor, you can also consider using alcohol, white wine, water, etc. to wipe once. After cleaning, spray the deodorant or light perfume, etc., and then dry it, I believe the taste should be gone. Master reminds: Although the foot pad is only a small part of the car accessories, the traffic accident caused by the displacement of the foot pad is not alarmist. Inferior materials and infrequent maintenance and cleaning will have a certain impact on the body of the owner.

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