do you know? Fuel tank does not clean, fuel consumption will increase

                                                 [Car World] Maintenance When everyone thinks about it, most people will choose what they don’t want and let go of their brains. Cars also need this, the car has been open for a long time, the fuel tank needs to be cleaned, when cleaning, it may clean out a bunch of incredible things: in addition to particles, there will even be tin foil and plastic sheets, etc. What is going on? What? It turned out to be accidentally dropped when adding fuel treasure. It is necessary to clean the fuel tank of the car regularly. Although the fuel tank is semi-closed when it is refueling, it is completely closed at other times. However, as the age of the car increases, the use time becomes longer, and there are more and more sediment impurities in the fuel tank, which will inevitably cause damage to the car as the oil supply system inside the vehicle enters the engine. Regarding the quality of oil, Xiaobian wants everyone to understand. There are impurities in the oil itself, and the bottom of the oil depot at each gas station has accumulated a lot of impurities for many years. If you refuel when the tanker delivers fuel to the tank, it is bound to add some impurities. After entering the tank, these impurities are deposited at the bottom of the tank. Slowly, when there is too much sediment, it will cause serious wear to the engine as the fuel enters the engine of the car. When is it cleaned? The fuel tank itself has protective measures to prevent water and heat. If you are driving at a speed for a long time, it may be 30,000 kilometers, you have to clean the oil. Or replace the filter. Otherwise, once the oil passage is blocked, the air pressure in the fuel tank is too high. When the car is driving, there will be a swaying phenomenon. Under the influence of high pressure, the fuel tank is very easy to crack, and in serious cases, oil leakage will occur, and fuel consumption will become higher. How to clean? Tank cleaning is divided into two steps, internal and external. External: It is necessary to check whether there are any depressions or oil leakage in the fuel tank, oil pipe, joints, etc. Remember to check if the fuel tank bracket set screw is tightened. Inside: Open the tank mouth, take out the filter bucket, suck out the oil, leaving only about 30L of gasoline in the box. Insert the cleaned plastic tube from the filler port to the bottom of the tank, and gently blow the gasoline at the bottom of the tank to roll it for cleaning. When cleaning, you can block the filler pipe with a clean cloth, and then constantly change the position and direction of the plastic pipe to avoid rubbing the oil level sensor. After purging for 20 minutes, the gasoline is released, and the impurities in the gasoline will flow out together. Note that the fuel released from the tank should be used after 72 hours of precipitation.

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