What is frozen oil? Must I add refrigeration oil to my car air conditioning system?

                                                   Xiaobian has already smelled the hot summer atmosphere. Have you added any refrigerant to your car? Recently, when a car owner asked Xiaobian to replace the car air-conditioning refrigerant, must the replacement of the frozen oil be replaced? What is the refrigeration oil? What’s the use? Then Xiaobian first tells everyone what the frozen oil is. The refrigerating oil, also known as refrigerating machine oil, is used to lubricate the lubricating oil of various moving parts in the compressor. In the compressor, the refrigeration oil mainly plays the four roles of lubrication, sealing, cooling and energy regulation. (1) Lubrication: The refrigerating oil acts as a lubricant during compressor operation to reduce the friction and wear of the compressor, thus prolonging the service life of the compressor. (2) Sealing: The freezing oil acts as a sealing function in the compressor to achieve a sealing function between the piston and the cylinder face of the compressor and between the rotating bearings to prevent refrigerant leakage. (3) Cooling: When the refrigerating oil is lubricated between the moving parts of the compressor, it can take away the heat generated during the working process, so that the moving parts maintain a lower temperature, thereby improving the efficiency and reliability of the compressor. (4) Energy adjustment: For a refrigeration compressor with an energy adjustment mechanism, the oil pressure of the refrigeration oil can be used as the power of the energy adjustment machine. The choice of refrigeration oil is different for the refrigeration equipment due to the use and the refrigerant. The freezing point of the refrigeration oil used in the refrigeration equipment (the temperature at which the refrigeration oil is cooled to the stop flow under the experimental conditions is called the freezing point) should be as low as possible. Otherwise, it will affect the flow of the refrigerant and increase the flow resistance, resulting in poor heat transfer. Moreover, the refrigerant used in automobile air conditioners is different, and the refrigeration oil used is different. Mixing different types of refrigerants and refrigerating oils will result in abnormal compressors, poor cooling, corrosion of pipes, leakage and other important parts, and vehicle air conditioning systems. Maintenance costs have doubled. If the car uses R134a snow, then you must use the same type of refrigeration oil car servant car compressor refrigeration oil environmentally friendly formula car servant car compressor refrigeration oil, using imported raw materials exquisite, R134a special PAG crude oil preparation, and R134a snow It has good compatibility and effectively improves the cooling effect; it has low pour point and low temperature flow performance to protect the compressor from normal operation under low temperature conditions. Adaptability PAG’s unique molecular structure, excellent high and low temperature performance, can prevent the formation of harmful deposits in the compressor, and has good adaptability to insulating materials and sealing materials. Lubrication Fully lubricated, good anti-wear, protects the compressor, prolongs its service life Reduces noise. When used together with R134a snow, it can effectively reduce the friction loss between the components of the auto compressor and reduce noise. Extending the lifespan can effectively extend the life of the compressor and seal. Then, when should the refrigeration oil need to be replaced? In the refrigeration system, the consumption of refrigerating oil is very small. Generally, the air conditioning system in normal operation does not need to be refueled. Therefore, it is not necessary to replace the refrigerating oil together when replacing the refrigerant, only when the equipment is in normal maintenance. Replace the new one; if the system leaks normally, it does not need to be refueled unless the system is disassembled and overhauled. When the condenser, the liquid receiver, the evaporator and the dryer are replaced, some oil should be added due to the consumption; The new compressor does not have to be refueled because the new compressor has been filled with a standard amount of refrigerating machine oil; when replacing the expansion valve, evaporating pressure regulating valve and pipe, there is no need to add refrigerating oil. Therefore, whether or not to add frozen oil depends on the situation. It is generally recommended to add it every 2-3 years. If you feel that the air conditioning of the car is insufficient, the system needs to add refrigeration oil when there is noise. Matters needing attention 1, different grades of frozen oil can not be mixed, due to the different antioxidants added by different brands of refrigeration oil to produce chemical reactions, will cause deterioration /2, the frozen oil is very easy to absorb water, and under the action of oxygen, will Produce an acid substance with oleic acid properties and corrode metal parts. Therefore, the frozen oil after use should be tightened immediately. 3. The deteriorated refrigerating oil cannot be used. 4. The refrigerating oil is not cooled, and it also hinders the heat exchange effect of the heat exchanger. Therefore, only the specified amount is allowed, and excessive use is never allowed, so as not to reduce the cooling capacity. 5, when adding frozen oil is best operated by a professional technician

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